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When a photographer is asked by one of her couples to meet them at the historical city of Anchorage Kentucky, she will take that 3+ hour drive for the 2 hour session. How can I resist such a beautiful place where time stands still? We only had 2 hours to shoot, which is not near enough time to explore the entirety of the city so if anyone is willing to make the trek up to Central Kentucky , I’d LOVE to take you!


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Let’s be honest here… anyone who knows me knows that I am hardly ever early to things. I’m never more than 5 minutes late, but usually, I’m right on time. This wasn’t the case for Britney & Jon’s wedding…. On May 11th I pulled into the Renee’s parking lot 10 minutes early. This is a small testament of how excited I was for that day!

The day started off bright and sunny, where I was grasping at shady areas to photograph in; then turned into a perfect overcast – a photographer’s dream. It got really sunny again, and then slowly faded to a doom’s day grey. We were all praying that the impending storm would hold off at least until after the ceremony, since there was no Plan B but God heard our prayers. The rain held off until after the family portraits that followed the ceremony and it only rained (hard) for about 10 minutes, which allowed us to finish Britney & Jon’s portraits outside. We were even blessed with a rainbow!


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Catherine’s best friend Lauren recommended her to me after I took Lauren and her boyfriend’s portraits a couple years back. A photographer’s best friend is word of mouth. I loved Lauren and Brennon before but now, I frickin love them, ya know? Haha, I don’t know how else to voice my appreciation of my past and present clients… when they recommend their friends and family to me, it’s the best form of payment I can receive.

I met Catherine & Jon at Jon’s Family Farm for their simple casual country engagement session. Our two hours together went by so fast and I don’t think I can wait until their April 2014 wedding before I spend time with them again. I definitely see the three of us going out to dinner very soon. Miss them already! And let me take a second here to prompt you to take a look at Catherine’s eyes because DANG GIRL. They are piercingly stunning. Her lashes are all her own. OK, I’m down off my soapbox now :)


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It’s been one month since I quit my job and took my photography business full time. So, how’s it going?

In the last month I have photographed 9 portrait sessions and 3 weddings, attended the CONNECT marriage retreat and a hand full of meetings, and I have worked all but 3 days. Funny, I thought quitting my day job would give me more time – for photography AND for my family and myself. Yea… that hasn’t really happened.

I’m not complaining tho… more so just stating an observation. I knew there would be an adjustment period. It’s going to take time, finding a routine that provides a good balance between work and home life. For example, right now I am writing this blog post, watching a TV show, all the while, the laundry is going in the background. It’s a work in progress for sure.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. What’s in store for the next few months? Well, that’s a secret! For now :)

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This guy…. if I ever have a son, I hope and pray that he is as like this young man. Nick is apart of the last graduating class of Lone Oak High School, my alma mater, so this session was already dear to my heart. Next year all three county schools will be combined into one LARGE county school – the transition has been on a lot of our minds lately but Nick is busy thinking about his transition! Nick will attend University of Kentucky this fall AND band in the UK marching band! I was in marching band (color guard) too so again, loving this kid! He is also a genuinely good, polite, caring, generous Christian boy and you know how hard those are to come by. Oh and I did I mention handsome? Yea, he has that going for him too. Take a look!


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