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I’ve been saying this all day and to anyone who will listen…I don’t think semester is going to be as hard as I might have imagined it. KNOCK ON WOOD.

Every week is going to be different but the best thing is I only have ONE Monday this semester and only three Fridays. I don’t have many Wednesdays and after spring break, I will only have classes on Thursdays. The rest of my days will be spent doing my practicum. One of the many things we did today was write down our first and second choice of hospitals and our first and second choice of departments for our practicum. My first choice is Western Baptist, Labor and Delivery. I really, really hope I get it.

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Neil and I woke up yesterday morning and left for Paducah around 10. We needed to drop our pups off at my parents’ house and get to Cracker Barrel by 11 for my sil Amy and my fil Jimmy’s birthday lunch. Like I promised, I brought my camera along with me.

{ Terri and Jimmy, my in laws }

{ Kolton and Amy }

{ I die from the cuteness! }

After lunch I walked a few miles with my mom around their neighborhood while Neil watched football with my dad. And after that, Neil and I hung out at his parents’ house for a while until it was time for dinner. I took a few pictures of their remodeled bathroom and then took a few pictures of myself. I hadn’t taken a picture of myself in a bathroom mirror in a long time so I thought it was about time for some more :)

Around 5:30pm we all headed over to my sil Kelly and my sil Clint’s house to eat pizza and play with Kolton.

{ Boy will be boys! }

{ This is my 8 year old husband }

{ Kolton and his Granddaddy }

{ Kolton and his Na Na }

{ Kolton loves Neil’s new playstattion phone }

{ I love love love my boys! }

We ended the night watching The Smurfs Movie before heading home. It was such a nice family oriented Sunday that makes me wish we were moving home sooner rather than later. Patience. Patience.

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This is the only picture I took over Christmas. It’s a major let down for myself as a photographer but also for myself as the family documenter. It’s a picture of our Christmas tree in our apartment that I actually took AFTER Christmas, AFTER we got home from Florida.

I have no excuse for it.

Today, we’re spending the day in Paducah. It’s my sister-in-law Amy and my father-in-law Jimmy’s birthday lunch. I plan on documenting the entire day with my camera. Get ready for a picture heavy blog post tomorrow!

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My study buddy during finals week.

This is where I find my pups almost every night while I’m getting ready for bed.

Aly hanging out with me while I hang out with Megan and Maddie.

My pups think my dad’s new coat that he got for Christmas is their new bed.

Benny got a hair cut….more like a trim.

And finally, my pups on the ride home from picking them up from my parents’ Tuesday morning. I missed them so much! And can you blame me? Just look at these adorable doxies!

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Jenny -

I miss those pups!! And their owners ;)

Mel -

I’m such a sucker for Benny! :D I love love love his long hair! Dan hates long hairs and won’t let me have one, lol. He thinks they will be a pain to keep up on. (Meaning, he’s too lazy to brush them…Heh…)

Yesterday I had lunch with my favorite Erin Cecile at my favorite local lunch eatery. It was so nice to just sit and chat with her….something I haven’t done since July. How sad is that? We use to be so close, we use to see each other pretty often, we use to talk more. We’re both really busy and it doesn’t help that we live 45 ish minutes apart. I just hope we don’t let 6 months pass before we see each other again.

In other news, my last semester of nursing school starts Tuesday morning. I can’t believe that in just 5 months I’ll be a registered nurse. It doesn’t seem real and yet it’s all I’ve been working towards for the past 2 years. I expect this semester to be the hardest but I’m hoping that it won’t….I’m hoping to catch a break. I have two weddings (so far) this spring, I’m president of my school’s branch of the Kentucky Association of Nursing Students (KANS) as well as the communications director for KANS. It’s a lot to handle but I really can’t complain. There are a few of my classmates that have kids and a husband who’s over seas. There are a few of my classmates who have part time jobs and still keep up their grades in nursing school.

I just can’t wait for this semester to be over. Being done with nursing school won’t make my life easier. I won’t be any less busy than I am now but I will be done and that’s all that matters. Right now, anyway.

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