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Hey, we’re moving. Again.

A few days ago Neil and my dad got to talking and they decided they Neil and I should move into an apartment in town. Neil is ready for us to be living in our place and my parents are ready to have the lake house all to themselves. I understand all of that and […]

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Erica - the layout looks nice and large. I thought you owned the place you are in now.

Stephanie - OH my goodness. I completely understand why you feel like it’s too soon, because I FEEL like it’s too soon. And I’m not the one that has moved all over the place and back and forth. I’m sorry, Rachie. <3 I hope the the apartment turns out to be exactly what you hope and that maybe you can stay there for a while. Like Erica said, it looks pretty big. That's nice. :)

Leanne - Ohhh, I hatttte moving with a passion! So I feel ya on this one!

The location seems REALLY awesome. I hope it works out for you both (and I’m sure it will… I mean you’re so close to everything!).

As for decorating, do you have an Ikea near? Maybe you can pick up some cheap decor and stuff from there.. yanno, for the time being?

When are you guys moving anyway?

Elly - Oh goodness! The apartment layout looks nice – loads of storage! I live in a three bedroom apartment at the moment, and it hardly has any communal storage, its so annoying! Still, I can’t imagine living with my parents again. Maybe offset the downside of moving against the brilliance of having your own place? Hope it all goes well! :)

Pam - I hate moving too, that’s why we almost bought our rent house so we wouldn’t have to pack anything. Good luck!! The place looks amazing and I know you are going to do an amazing job decorating. you have great taste.

Ten on Tuesday

1. If you could watch only one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be? Movie, I have NO idea. How about TV show? Then I would definitely say Gilmore girls. I already watch the series every 6 months or so. 2. Let’s say someone wrote a screenplay about you; what actor/actress would […]

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Mel - I love Gilmore Girls!! :D I have the first 6 seasons. No, I don’t have season 7. I keep meaning to buy that….My birthday is coming up so I need to make sure to ask for it… Hmm…

And I hate the Matrix movies as well. They make no freaking sense.

Leanne - I LOVE the Little Mermaid :)

I always sneak snacks into the movies as well, haha.

The worst movie I seen recently was the dilemma… Sooo horrible!

Therrien Kids’ Portrait Session

What is cuter than a brother and sister portrait session? Nothing, that’s what. Except maybe add in several giggles and tons of smiling. I just couldn’t get enough of these kids and I wish I had more than just 45 minutes with them. But I took what I could get and here are a few […]

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