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We took possession of our house last night! Because the previous owners didn’t move out until yesterday, I had to wait to take pictures of the BEFORE: before we cleaned (not that there really was much to clean, they did a great job!), before we taped a single wall, before any boxes made it in the house. We spent this afternoon taping and getting and moving a few boxes in the garage and it’s late so…On to the pictures!

You may remember this photo from before BUT this time, my car is in the driveway! So yea, here’s the front (we have many plans for the front):

And then the back, a good view on the deck (also which we have many plans for):

The picture on the left shows our big magnolia tree. So excited for it to bloom! And the one on the right shows our stone walkway (plans):

View from the deck:

So imagine you walk in our front door and following the wall all the way around our house starting at the wall on the right this would be your tour…

So here’s the front door, and you see that wall on the left? Yea, THAT’s the wall on the right. Confused yet? It turns down the hallway:

First you’ll come to the first bedroom, the blue bedroom, will be the guest bedroom. It’s the first door on the right:

The second door and also the last door on the right is the second bedroom, the pink and yellow bedroom, will be the nursery:

Directly across the nursery is the master bedroom:

Off the master bedroom is the master bathroom (plans):

The shower gets its own big picture because we love it:

Coming out of the master bedroom and traveling back up the hallway, there’s a closet on the right:

Turning out of the hallway to your right and around the corner is another closet and the second bathroom:

Coming out of the second bathroom you’ll have a view into part of the living room:

But continuing on to the right you’ll see the dining area. I backed up into the living room to get a better shot:

Standing in the same spot, I turned to get a shot of coming into the kitchen:

Then I actually moved into the dining area for this shot. I was standing in front of the fireplace:

Then I moved into the kitchen on the other side:

On the other side of the kitchen is the eat in area, will be …. a surprise… those windows look out into the back yard:

On the other side of the eat in area is the laundry room which has a door to the back yard:

And finally, standing in the part of the living room pictured above, the front door again:

This is what Neil did the whole time I took pictures:

And if Neil went outside, this is what the puppies did:

Finally, this is what we also did while at the house. Our first dinner in our new house!

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Christina -

Congrats! Love it!

Bryan Settle -

OMG! I love it! It looks perfect for you guys. The bathrooms are great and I love the glass tile backsplash.

Tamela -

Rach it is just lovely!

Jeannie -

Congratulations! It looks so lovely! And a nursery, huh? That really excites me…

Pam -

Congrats!! I LOVE your house!! We ordered the same thing when we first moved it. LOL! Good luck.

Mel -

The main bathroom has the weirdest and coolest sink ever. I totally want your house.

Erica -

It looks awesome. Love the kitchen and the bathrooms. They look upgraded.

Jenna -

omg, it’s SO cute, rach! imo, there’s not much to be done at all. i really love a lot of the decor they chose to begin with. congratulations!!! so jealous… i can’t wait until it’s time for josh and i to finally buy a new house together… the house we live in now is just his. and while, yes, it is my home too, it’s not really mine. y’know? meh…

congrats again! so excited for you guys. :)

I have been waiting for this wedding since I met Kacey and her mom back in February. They had about half of the wedding details figured out then and they can tell you, I was completely geeking-out over them. Then I shot Kacey and Hunter’s engagement session and I knew their wedding was going to be one of my favorites. The only bad thing was over entirely too soon.

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Mrs OShea -

Wonderful people with love in their hearts. Thanks for sharing pics of one of my favorite lil guys. Wishing you both many happy times together. Love all the pinterest ideas that you used. I have heard so many wonderful comments about the wedding.Keep smiling!

Tammy Foster -

You did an amazing job, but of course, look who you had to work with! Beautiful pictures of an amazingly beautiful couple!

Neil and I have bought a house!

The house was built around 40 years ago, has been updated, has a good size front and back yard with an awesome deck, and is in a quiet neighborhood that’s centrally located to anything and everything. It’s seriously the perfect starter home for us.

We started house hunting in April, saw close to 20 houses, fell in “like” with one only to have the inspection go horribly. When we moved back to Paducah in May I spent the first couple of weeks focusing on studying for my nursing boards so we didn’t pick back up on house hunting. The afternoon after I took my boards my parents told me that my cousin (forth cousin, that is) was thinking about selling her house as her, her husband, and their two children were starting to outgrow their current house. I was able to go see the house that evening with my dad and I immediately fell in love with it. LOVE I tell you! A few days later I took Neil to see it and he too loved it. The following day we put an offer in and they accepted it later that evening.

Because it’s a private sale my dad helped me draw up a contract that I had them sign a couple days later, which we took to the bank and well, the rest is history! The appraisal showed we were getting what we offered to pay, the inspection turned out great, and now we’re just waiting for our closing date (tomorrow!!!) and our possession date (Aug 27th). We have a little work ahead of us once we take possession so we probably won’t move in until the following weekend BUT either way, we’re seriously excited!!

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Erica -

that’s so exciting. It’s weird, it seems like everyone is buying homes now. I did, my best friend did, you and some other people I know. Must be a good market. lol

I’ll go ahead and apologize now: This one’s going to be image heavy!

I’ve been itching to blog this wedding since the end of June but because I wanted to respect the client and because of a secret thing I’ve been working on, I needed to wait. Until now :)

If you remember Sarah and Garrett’s engagement session you’ll remember that I had to make myself narrow it down from almost 100 images to just 31. Well, same goes for their wedding! There are so many that I love love love, it was so hard for me to only choose a handful.

My lovely sister-in-law, Amy, has been assisting me this season and I am so grateful for not just her help but also her company. Our day started at Sarah’s home church, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, in Paducah just to get in a few shots of the ceremony site, decorated but untouched. We then headed downtown to the reception site, The Grand Lodge, to photograph the girls and guys getting ready, the first look, and portraits. The Grand Lodge is a gorgeous all around but my favorite rooms would have to be two out of the three bedrooms that are on the third floor. Such amazing light! The ballroom provided great light earlier in the day as well. I really have zero complaints about this venue and I highly suggest it.

We all headed back to the church together for the family portraits and of course, the wedding! The wedding itself went as smooth as could be and the transition from the ceremony to the reception, heading back downtown and all, was timed perfectly. Sarah had time to return to the bedroom on the third floor before everyone gathered in the ballroom and change into her reception dress and then the reception began. The night ended and Amy and I drove home, only to spend the entire car ride chatting about how great a wedding Sarah and Garrett’s was. I am so thankful to have been able to capture that wonderful night for them and their families!

Sarah was so touched by the gift from Garrett: A vase that she had wanted to add to their registry but thought no one would want to spend that amount of money. She had planned on going back to purchase it once the wedding festivities were all over.

Likewise, the gift Sarah gave to Garrett was a thoughtful one as well. Garrett, a gun collector, had never mentioned to her that he wanted a new gun. She’s just that intuitive ;) And she was so proud of herself for picking out a gun that Garrett would have picked out himself.

Sarah’s Oleg Cassini gown was so gorgeous, it was practically made for her.

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