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And I do believe that this change will be just that. A good thing.

I’ve been keeping a personal blog since July 2008. I started my photography blog not too long ago. I’d been struggling with the decision to keep them separate of merge the two. This afternoon I finally gave into my instincts and viola, Rachael Houser dot Com is now the home to both my personal and professional blog.

I’ll be working on the kinks for a few days but I really do think this merger will provide my clients a deep insight to me as a person and a photographer and my personal blog readers can enjoy my passion. This union will allow me to be more active as well. I’ll be updating more. That alone makes me happy.

In the mean time, please bear with me and PLEASE let me know if there’s something that’s not acting right or looks wacky. Thanks!!

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Jenny -

The merger looks great! I love the look and color scheme. The only suggestion I have is making the font color a slight bit darker. When you publish a paragraph, it can be kind of hard to see. I can’t wait to explore your site further!

Pam -

I agree with Jenny. It is really hard to read. But good choice on combining both!!

It’s not unusual for Neil and I to take the pups to the park on a later spring, summer, or early fall day. But it’s the beginning of March and yet, this afternoon, it was a breezy but sunny (ish) 60 degrees outside. We took the obvious opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather, just like I took the opportunity to take a few pictures while we were there.

Sometimes Aly’s ears flip back. When that happens, we call her bat dog :)

As you’ll notice, I get more pictures of Benny because he’s a momma’s boy. He stays with me, follows me around.

He’s such a pretty boy. I tell him daily.

He loves loves loves to have his belly rubbed.

And he loves loves loves to sit in his momma’s lap.

Meanwhile, Aly is running around with her daddy.

I leave you with this last adorable picture that I grabbed when Neil called Aly over to him. It is just the sweetest thing

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Your Momma -

Good photos of my grand dogs, so sweet…

Before Christmas Neil came to me, concerned that our bedding was too girlie…

{our bed (and GIRLIE bedding) while living in the lake house}

When I bought it about 2 years ago I remember thinking how pretty it was. So, yea, I guess Neil is right. It is a little girlie ;) We talked about buying new bedding as a Christmas present to each other but we didn’t get around to it until last week. Neil and I were doing our weekly grocery shopping when I reminded him of our Christmas present. We wandered over to the bedding and linen section and Neil picked out the first gender neutral quilt he saw. I was ready to veto his choice but then I realized two things: it was the only gender neutral quilt there AND it was actually something I would consider purchasing. In other words, he did a really good job.

Like I said, it’s something I would consider purchasing. After considering, I decided that even though I didn’t LOVE it, it would work for now. And it wasn’t expensive so we bought it. It’s a small price to pay to make Neil happy. Now, I’m not sure that he was “unhappy”, but he was at least unhappy with our bedding. Without further adieu, our new bedding!

If I cared, and I don’t because I hope not to be in this apartment for much longer, I would change out our curtains to some that match our new bedding instead of our old bedding. The green will just have to do.

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Claudia -

I know lots of people have the mad hate on for WalMart, but I think you did an awesome score! I do like some of their stuff – especially if you’re not swimming in money and need something.

Jocelyn -

Nice, classic look. The comfiest sheets I’ve ever purchased have been from Walmart :S They were jersey sheets and I paid 40 bucks for the entire set.

Lent is upon us. To those of you who are practicing Christians, you are aware of this. To those of you who are not, you are going to think I’m crazy. And I just might be. I’ve decided to “give up” processed sugar. You may call it refined or unnatural sugar. Whatever you all it, I’m not eating it. To be more specific, I am not going to ingest soda, sweet tea, candy, desserts (homemade or not), or bread that is not 100% whole wheat. I will continue to eat cereal but only cereal that has less than 9 grams of sugar added and Carnation Instant Breakfast, because it’s the fastest thing for me to eat in the mornings before school. When I have a craving for sugar I will cut open an orange, bite into an apple, or simple bite my lip. And when I feel the temptation grow, I will pray. And exercise. And take a scalding hot shower. Possibly cry. But mostly, pray. Wish me luck!

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Tamela -

Good Luck! You can do it! Just stick to your guns!

emmysuh -

Somehow I manage to not be a practicing Christian but still know what Lent is. Crazy indeed!

heather -

i haven’t eaten sugar in so long that when i do, it makes me feel HORRIBLE. i don’t crave it and it just doesn’t appeal to me. hopefully the same happens for you and you give it up FOREVER!! ;)

Rachie -

Emily, I didn’t say or mean that non practicing Christians wouldn’t know about Lent. Just that they might view what I’m doing as crazy instead of understanding why someone might observe it.

Rachie -

Heather, that would be a good outcome for sure. However, I love love love baking and eating dessert so I doubt I would ever get to that point. Soda, on the other hand, is something I’ve given up before… I think I went a little over a year without it. I wouldn’t mind eliminating it from my diet completely.

Rachie -

Thanks Tama! So far so good lol

Jenny -

I tried to give up sugar for a day because of a bet that Clay and I made, and I couldn’t do it. Good luck!!

Mel -

This is my lent goal, too. :) It’s insanely tough and I’ve made a few mistakes so far, but I’m trying to make amends for my accidental transgressions. :)

Neil and I spent over an hour and over too much money at Wal-Mart the other night. While we were there we bought groceries, toiletries, bedding, and a few miscellaneous items. One of those miscellaneous items was a new programmable thermostat. If you’re wondering why I’m blogging about this, it’s because I’m excited about it. If you’re wondering why I’m excited about it, it’s because we’ve been using the manual thermostat from the 80’s (I’m not kidding) AND our heating bill has been higher than I’m comfortable with.

While Neil was taking the old one apart he called me over so that I may see this:

Can you see it?

It’s mercury! This thermostat is THAT old.

Ta da! Our new programmable thermostat. Now, I’m going to go take pictures of our new bedding that we got :D

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Tamela -

That is ancient!!