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This one has been a loooooooonnnnnnggg time coming! I don’t know why I let the over-a-month-long hiatus that just occurred… occur. I don’t know how, but it happened and I meant to blog this wedding a long time ago. I really did :( Purple and mirrors. The two words I would use to describe Ashley & Travis’ wedding decor. We recently re-did our master bathroom with the same theme in mind so I was a little giddy when I walked into Ross Mann Hall that afternoon. The whole day was full of laughter, beautiful light, and a beautiful fun loving couple! This photography could not have been any happier!


Ceremony Venue: First United Methodist Church // Reception Venue: Ross Mann Hall // Florist: Creations // Decor: Occasions Unlimited // Cake Artist: Brandi // Dress: Anne’s Bridal // Tuxes: Mister Penguin’s // Makeup: Merle Norman // Hair: Fringe Salon // Stationary: Michael’s // DJ: Majestic Sounds Dj //

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Being my third wedding season, I am steadily gaining more brides and therefore, gaining more material for my FAQ page on my website. However, I’ve run out of space on my website! So here we are, FAQ 1st edition!

Can you just give me all the images, even the unedited ones?
That is called a “shoot and burn” photographer. I call myself a “shoot and share” photographer, which sounds similar, but they’re not the same. To further clarify, I am a custom photographer. Think of a factory-produced slice of neon orange Kraft cheese versus a farm fresh handcrafted slice or artisanal cheese. Why waste your time sifting through hundreds or slightly different photos? Believe me, you don’t need the photo of your Uncle mid-blink. With a custom photographer, you are presented with images that are narrowed down and edited to spotlight the elegance and emotion of the day. After all, culling the images, or narrowing it down is partially what you pay me for :)

What exactly is a First Look?
The First Look is the alternative to the traditional reveal. A traditional reveal is simply the groom seeing the bride for the first time when she walks down the aisle at the beginning of the ceremony in front of friends and family. The First Look is the groom and bride seeing each other for the first time in an intimate setting, just the two of them, before the ceremony. To learn why I LOVE LOVE LOVE First Looks and why I think it works well for both modern and traditional couples alike, look for that blog post soon.

Should I have my make-up done professionally?
I have two words for you: Fake Lashes. They will make your eyes pop like crazy in a beautiful way and if you’re not comfortable with doing your own, or having one of your girls do it for you (they can be tricky) then YES you should have your make-up done professionally. They can really take a great photo and make it a WOW photo. Of course, professional make-up is great all around. Make-up stylists are trained to pick colors that will suit your complexion and best. Say you’re wedding is more a soft and romantic theme, stylists can match your theme to your make up like whoa. Once you see your images, you’ll see what I mean and you’ll be SO glad you chose to go with a professional.

If you’re interested in asking me a question, please do! If you’re wondering it, I’m sure someone else is as well. Email me or comment in the comment section below and not only will I email you a response, but I’ll add it to the next edition of FAQ :)

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Erica -

I’m just wondering what gear you shoot with and if you have a preferred lens?

You ever have one of those mornings where your alarm clock goes off at 7:15 AM and you jump out of bed, excited for the day to start? Well, I haven’t either but not because today’s not exciting enough but more so because I am NOT a morning person, no matter how many days in a row I wake up before 8. Since the beginning of summer, my mom and I have been waking up every week day morning to go biking. My mom is one of those early morning people, PLUS she exercises every single day, one way or another. So we started going 6 miles each morning and finally we worked out way up 14.5 miles. I might not feel great when I wake up but I feel amazing when I’ve finished… exercise really is the best thing for stress! PLUS, waking up early starts my day sooner and productivity has never been higher!

Speaking of which, I’m now working from my new office! If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you’ve seen a few pictures and once I clean this mess of a room up a bit I’ll blog about it. I’m seriously LOVING having an actual office instead of just hogging a very large couch and ottoman. Neil likes it too haha. Best part, tho? I have very few, if any, distractions. Again, productivity!

Bookings for 2014 Weddings are picking up and also for fall portraits. Which I LOVE, btw… hint hint ;)

Because I don’t take a ton of pictures of my life with my big camera, I am going to start showing you little tid bits of my life with instragram pictures because Lord knows I take a lot of those!

But first! A preview for the month of August: 2 portraits session, 2 weddings, 2 weddings where I’m second shooting, a secret party (wink wink), and a Sunday school class lake day! I am sooo looking forward to having some time to work on the office and a few special projects!


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I married young, at the ripe age of 21 years old, and I was going to school for nursing. In other words, when I was planning my wedding, I wasn’t thinking about photography. I had a camera that I played around with but I mostly only took pictures of my dog, flowers, and every once in a while, my friends. Because I was busy in school, I let my mom handle most of the planning. So when it was time to hire a photographer for the wedding, she suggested using someone who I’ve known my whole life – a studio photographer that went to my home church. Remember, 7 years ago wedding photography wasn’t what it is today; we didn’t have many options at first glance. It wasn’t until after my wedding when I realized, not just any photographer should photograph a wedding. The pictures from my wedding don’t remind me of how that day felt. Portraiture photography just kind of found me but I sought out wedding photography and I really think my main motivation was, and still is, to provide my clients with pictures that will allow them to rediscover the emotions that came from the incredibly special, one-of-a-kind moments. And not just anyone can see those moments and capture them forever. Choosing a photographer is more like choosing the way you want to remember your wedding day.

It begins with an experience – it’s not something that can be attained in just one day, and the experience starts with a relationship. You’ll be spending more time with me on your wedding than with any other wedding vendor, after all!

It starts with an inquiry. If you like what you see and, from first glance, I seem like someone who could become a friend and I’m available on your wedding date, I’d love to chat with you! To find out if I’m available on your date you can view my up-to-date wedding calendar here. Contact me either through email (rachael.houser@gmail.com) or via the contact form on my website. Either through email or a face-to-face meeting, we’ll decide together if I’m the wedding photographer for you.

Next is the booking! A wedding photography contract  will need to be filled out and signed before you’re considered booked. I also require a retainer fee of 25% of your collection price. That amount will be put toward your collection and the remaining 75% will be due no later than two weeks before the the wedding.

Included in my wedding collection is a complimentary portrait session. Most couples do an engagement session, but other options are bridal, boudoir, or day-after sessions. A day-after session is for any time after the wedding. ANY time. If you opt for a session that needs to take place before the wedding, we’ll schedule it for at least 1 month before the wedding, that way you can use images from the session for your wedding if you so choose.

I love it when couples include me in some way or another in planning their wedding! If I know your area, I’ll be able to suggest and recommend any vendor you can think of! Because of the close relationship I like to have with my couples, brides and I tend to email each other as often as once a week! By the time your wedding comes around, I won’t just be another wedding vendor :)

About two weeks before the wedding, we’ll get together for a meeting I like to call the pre-wedding consultation. Prepare to spend about two hours with me because this is when we’ll get to the meat of your wedding photography planning. I like to start the meeting off at the ceremony location. If possible, we’ll visit the location at which you’ll be getting ready as well as the locations you’d like for any and all portraits. Next up, we’ll go to the reception location. Visiting the locations that we will be using during your wedding day allows me to scout out locations and check out the natural lighting that’s available. Bonus points for scheduling the meeting to put us at the locations around the same time of day that we’ll be there for the wedding!

I honestly believe that your wedding day will only goes as smoothly as your timeline allows. I don’t presume that you know how much time each individual portion of the day might take, which is why I like to create the wedding day timeline together! Weddings are not cookie cutter and your timeline should allow for all things, traditional and unique!

So the wedding is over….what now? Before you receive the digital files from your wedding, I will post a preview image on my Facebook page. The sneak peek image will be posted the 1-2 days following the wedding. Approximately 3-4 weeks after your wedding, you’ll receive a detailed instructional email on how to view your online gallery…

I opt to provide my clients with all of the high-resolution images from both their engagement session and wedding through the use of an online gallery. Clients can download their images directly from that gallery. I provide a limited print release for the couple and their immediate family but anyone can order 4×6, 5×7, and 8×12-sized prints straight from the online gallery. You can still order prints and albums from me, where they are guaranteed to be of professional quality.

Does this wedding experience sound like something you would LOVE to be a part of? Let’s talk! We can start your RHP Wedding Experience today!

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It was my opinion then and it still stands today – I could have spent HOURS photographing Abby & Paul’s portraits! But alas, the show day must go on! We stayed at the park and moved to, now, one of my favorite places for portraits EVER. The light! GAH! Well, take a look for yourself…


Now, tell me these dudes aren’t awesome! I dare you! They are seriously ROCKIN’ the “cool guys don’t look at explosions” bit!


Not sure what I’m talking about? Here ya go:

Now those fella’s are just being silly >.<


OMGoodness the cuteness that is this little flowergirl, which also happens to be the bride’s little sister. I DIE.


Such a touching moment here – when the girls and mom prayed over the bride right before the ceremony.


Show time! One of Abby’s little brothers carried the sign below while her older brother stood with their pastor and her husband-to-be at the alter.


Oooh la la!!


And they’re married!


This hot piece was waiting for Abby & Paul to take them to the reception. How cool?!


BUT! Before the reception, we took a few shots in the gorgeous golden hour light


At the reception, they had an entire table full of delicious pies and cakes…soooooo yummy!


Such a precious first dance followed by equally precious father/daughter and mother/son dances


Emotional toasts? Sure I’ll take ’em! Here, Abby’s younger sister is blessing us with kind words of both her sister and her new brother-in-law. Not a dry eye, I tell you.


Ceremony Venue | First Baptist Church of Metropolis
Reception Venue | Metropolis Community Center
Bride’s Dress | David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid’s Dress | David’s Bridal
Tux Rental | Kathleen’s Bridal
Florist | Grandmother of the bride
Caterer | Fazoli’s
Cake Designer | Heather R.
DJ | Josh Fowler
Invitations, etc | Vistaprint

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