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Pinterest Friday: This is Me

Thanks to Pinterest, I found this adorable tumbler Girls with Pearls, Southern Belle Secrets and I went to town. Some do not pertain to me but others were SPOT ON. Yet another reason I am proud to be a Southerner :)

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Mel - I want to be a Southern Belle. Seriously. Southern gals are adorable!

Erica - I want to be a southern Belle as well.

Megan’s Maternity Session

Megan and I have been best friend since early 2006, when we met in a college chemistry class. Little did I know that sitting next to this adorable girl meant finding a friend for life. Later that year, when Neil and I got engaged, I asked her to stand with me as my maid of […]

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Megan’s Baby Shower

I, along with our friend Melissa, hosted my best friend Megan’s baby shower yesterday. Neither Melissa or I had as much time and/or money as we would have liked to have in order to throw this shower BUT since it was just for church ladies, we knew they didn’t mind. Megan had told us from […]

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Mel - Oh, I love when onesies are done! So cute and lucky for her that her guests were creative. ;D Also, love the colors in your outfit. :)

Momfish - Love the onesies and the gift table – too cute! The whole thing looked beautiful.

Leanne - Oh wow- You guys did an AMAZING (amazing, amazing, …haha you get the idea!) job! I love the photo hanging thing idea, the watermelon, ah- everything! It was very personalized and crafty ^_^ Awesome job, I’m sure she LOVED it!

emmysuh - If you weren’t in them, I can’t tell the difference between pics your mom took and yours! She did a good job!

I love the paint your own onesie table.

You look vair pretty. Your hair is getting so long!

Memphis has crazy drivers

…or so my husband thinks. I think that if Memphis residents came to Paducah to a few days, they’d think we were crazy drivers. Other than the traffic, we had a good time. We arrived at The Shea Ear Clinic in Memphis at 12:45pm, right on time for my appointment. We were there for a […]

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Mel - What kind of injections are they? It doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience. :p

Jess - Gorgeous pics, Rachie! Sorry to hear you had to go through injections. That sounds awful! Are you feeling better now though or do they take awhile to work? Take care hun!

Tamela - Those houses are beautiful. I especially love the second one! Just hearing about those injections gives me the chills… I hope they make you feel better.

Pinterest Friday: Where I show you some fancy dresses I love!

I call this dream sickle. Neil doesn’t like it but it’s not like I could ever afford it. I want to wear this to my child’s wedding. This would also be a pretty wedding guest dress and or bridesmaid dress. This makes me want to bike around Paris. Vintage! Have to throw a little vintage […]

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Heather - All so pretty! Want them all lol

Kat - I love the colors of the first dress! Also, “I want to wear this to my child’s wedding”?? Wow, you are planning ahead, lady! ;)

emmysuh - The annoying thing is that you would look GREAT in all of these. Damn it.

Natalie - Oh la la! I just pinned 2 of those, they are darling! Love them!