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Sure, I have things going on in my life right now but I hardly have the time or the energy to blog about it. I blame it on the medicine swimming around in my ear. BUT, I haven’t done an iPhone dump in a while and that doesn’t take too much out of me so here we go!

{Benny and Aly, sleeping on the couch next to their momma}

{Benny and Aly, sleeping on the recliner with their Papaw}

{Gorgeous fall day, driving to class}

{My 4th wedding anniversary present from Neil that he bought me while we were on our cruise this summer. It’s a Ceylon Sapphire. GORG!}

{holding Maddison Hope for the first time, Sept 14th. LOVE this little lady!}

{aaannnddd a week later. Still loving her!}

{A little lunch place right outside of our town, full of country charm and delicious food!}

{and, the little lunch place <3}

{I’d never seen cotton in person before. This was driving to Memphis back in Sept.}

{What I wore on the first fall weather day}

{My nephew this past weekend playing with a golf club. Neil just about dies every time Kolton picks one up}

{taken last night: the most beautiful Dillard’s shoe dept I’ve ever seen. This was just one half of it too!}

{What Neil wants for Christmas, the one of the right}

{and finally, what I want for Christmas ;) }

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Mandy and I graduated high school together so it was a no-brain-er when she asked me to photograph her fall wedding. Mandy and her fiancee Stephen met at church years ago and have been together ever since. It’s obvious how comfortable this couple is together and how much they truly love each other. The first day we attempted to get together for their engagement session, it rained. The second day it rained off and on and just when we thought that day would also be ruined, the sun came out just long enough for us to grab a couple hours in Downtown Paducah. A sign! God definitely has a hand in their relationship. I can’t wait for their wedding – it’s almost here!

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Marcella and her sister Amanda and Amanda’s husband just recently moved from good ol’ Louisville and had no idea who to hire for her senior pictures. Being new to Madisonville, Amanda called her medical school friend to ask if she could recommend anyone. Lucky for me, that medical school friend just happened to be my best friend Megan so of course, she recommended me!

Marcella answered the door when I first got there and I said “Amanda?” Sweet little Marcella corrected me but you can see why I mistook her older sister Amanda. She looks and acts so mature for her age! We started shooting in their back yard area and I must say, those are by far my favorite pictures of the day! We then moved on to shoot at the park next to their neighborhood for a change in atmosphere. What fun we had!

Marcella, it was a blast to spend the afternoon with you and your sister. I hope you like your new home and congratulations on being a senior! You have such a bright future ahead of you!

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I was so thrilled when Jamie emailed me in June to chat about her wedding with her fiancee Travis. They have set the date for November 11, 2011. Eleven, eleven, eleven. November 11th is a very special date in both Jamie and Travis’ lives and in their relationship. Jamie and Travis meet while going to school at Murray State 7 years ago. Seven! And you guessed it, they started dating on November 11th! It was only fitting for their engagement session to take place on Murray State’s campus where it all started. Without realizing it, their engagement session lasted one hundred and eleven minutes. No joke! This couple has everything going for them AND a lucky number on their side. I’m sure they’ll be celebrating many more elevens together from here on out.

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emmysuh -

LOVE the ones with the bridge and Lizo in the background!

A month ago I shot this session with my best friend, Megan, and her baby bump. That baby bump turned into a baby girl named Madison this past Wednesday morning, 6:45am to be exact, and I was there to capture as much as Megan would allow. I have no children of my own so I can only imagine what love Megan and Byran feel for this gorgeous little thing…all I know is that I could only love her more if she were my own daughter. Translation: I love her a whole, whole lot. I am so thrilled that she is finally here!

Look at that little head full of black hair! Just like her daddy!

Maddie with her Nana

Maddie with her Grandma and Grandpa

Maddie makes the best faces!

I just love this picture of Maddie and Megan. So precious!

Daddy changing Maddie’s diaper for the first time!

Goodnight sweet angel. Aunt Rachael loves you!

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