The  Portrait   Experience

The Portrait Experience

Photos are one of the few things that increase in value over time - they become priceless as your family grows and changes.

I offer boudoir, maternity, newborn, children, and family portraiture.


Documenting the birth of a child is such a privilege and I am honored to offer this service to interested families. My approach to birth photography is very tasteful, unobtrusive & photojournalistic. A child’s birth is such a magical and emotional experience and I am very passionate about capturing that momentous occasion so that you can relive the joy over and over again through the photographs.

 Having been through labor, I understand that the mother’s primary focus is not always on all of the different aspects that are coming together to form her birth experience – more often than not, her mind is focused on one thing only: get this baby out! Having a birth photographer there to document everything allows the mother to relive the experience through the photographs and often times have a totally different perspective on what happened that day.

The  Birth  Experience

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frequently asked questions

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what is birth photography?
Beginning with labor, all the way through delivery to baby's first breath, meeting mom, dad and family members, birth photography tells the story of your baby's birthday. 

how long will you stay at the birth?
I arrive at your birth once active labor has started (about 5-6cm dilated) and stay until the baby is all clean and settled into your arms, usually about 2 hours after delivery.

what (in detail) do you photograph?
Emotions. Moments. Your story. Before your labor even begins, we will discuss what you are comfortable with me photographing.

what if i go into labor in the middle of the night?
I am committed to dropping whatever I am doing so I can make it to your birth in time for your delivery, even if it means giving up a night of sleep. This is part of the reason birth photography is a large investment, because it requires me to sacrifice pieces of my personal life so that I can capture such a huge event in your life. It is my genuine privilege to rush to a birth in the middle of the night.

i like the idea of birth photography, but i am concerned about my privacy.
I understand and am happy to respect your wishes for privacy as well as your unique comfort level during labor. We can discuss in detail what you are comfortable with and any limitations you may have. I will be as honest as possible about whether or not I will feel your limits may restrict the outcome of your final birth story.

what is your privacy policy regarding birth pictures and marketing materials?
Birth is beautiful and intimate, but there are plenty of images I can use on the internet to display the beauty of birth without showing nudity of any kind. Some moms prefer not to share any images and some are okay with their images being showcased so that other moms may be inspired to hire a birth photographer as well.

will we meet before the birth?
If possible, yes. It is important you are comfortable with my presence before I arrive at your birth. If we cannot meet in person due to distance, we can arrange a Skype or FaceTime meeting.

how does the booking process work?
A signed contract and a 50% retainer fee reserves your due month.