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Some people are just meant to end up together – even if they miss each other the first time, God makes a way! Kristie is a few years younger than Derwin, so when they first met 15 years ago, it wouldn’t have been appropriate for them to date. Years passed and life happened. But they found their way back to each other and have since been together for 6 plus years! With their engagement session under their belt, the next thing to look forward to is their December 2014 wedding!

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Ricky Jones -

Congrats Kristie on what God has joined together…these photos captured such happiness…

Rocia Keeling -

these are precious! Rachael Houser Photography you rock!!

Joi Sills -

Beautiful! Lucky Couple.

Destini Freeman -

Too cute

Tamara Jackson -

Congratulations I Love these beautiful photos!

Dawn Hart -

Adorable y’all look so happy together….love it

Kristie Morris -

Thanks everyone!!

Abigail Lynn Cruse -

You look so beautiful and happy! Congratulations!!!!

This October has been so rainy – I was thrilled to see that there was only a 10% of rain for Kayla & Mikey’s wedding this past Saturday! The overcast skies were welcomed but the strong breeze that started blowing right before the ceremony? Not so much. Thank goodness for blankets and a bonfire!

I met up with Kayla and the girls at one of the bridesmaid’s house to get Kayla in her dress and do the girls’ portraits. What a beautiful house – a perfect getting ready location! I headed to the ceremony and reception location to grab few shots of the guys before Kayla & Mikey’s First Look… which was amazing and beautiful, as was the rest of the day. Just take a look!

Ceremony Venue | Tomlinson Farm
Reception Venue | Tomlinson Farm
Bridal Gown | David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal
Suits | J.F. Ferrar from JCPenny
Stationary | Bride’s handy work!
Florist | Bride’s grandmother
Hair Stylist | Cassie Madison of Salon Galleria
Makeup Artist | Callie Munday of Salon Galleria
Caterer | Pig Pen BBQ
Baker | Bride’s grandmother
DJ | Kevin Buster

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Two plus one makes three… but how? No, I’m not giving you a math question, exactly. I’m also not going to give you the sex talk. But how about we talk physiology!

It might be the nurse in me, but it’s also the infertile-momma-to-be in me that wants to pen to paper (metaphorically of course) about HOW exactly pregnancy happens and why it wasn’t happening for us. I think knowing where you came from is an incredible important part to getting to where you’re going. And if you’re here reading as a person struggling with infertility, I can only hope this helps.

A female is born with all the eggs she will ever have in her ovaries, in the form of immature eggs. Once she hits puberty, one to a few eggs mature once a month (ish) during her cycle due to a certain hormone: estrogen.

Those immature eggs do not mature because I lack enough estrogen.

About halfway through her cycle, the egg is mature enough to be fertilized and is released from an ovary and is housed in the fallopian tube, awaiting fertilization via sperm. Two hormones are responsible for ovulation: follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH).

I also lack enough FSH and LH and therefore, do not ovulate.

The egg is fertilized by, you guessed it! sperm from the male. Sperm “swims” up the vaginal canal, through the the cervix, up the uterus, and into the fallopian tube where the egg is waiting. It’s not a short or easy journey! And then, once it arrives at the egg, it can take MANY sperm to spearhead the egg’s protective layer, which weakens the layer, to allow just one sperm through to complete fertilization.

A couple sperm analysis showed that Neil doesn’t have enough sperm to weaken the egg’s protective layer, plus, those sperm can’t swim fast enough to reach the egg before dying.

During the first 3 or so weeks of her cycle, her uterine lining is thickening and building up in order to make a nice home for the fertilized egg once it leaves the fallopian tube and imbeds itself into the wall of the uterus to start growing into a human. Primarily progesterone, but also estrogen, is responsible, yet again.

And yet again, I lack enough progesterone AND estrogen so my endometrium doesn’t reach the thickness needed.

After the egg is safely imbedded in the wall of the uterus and begins growing into a human, progesterone is still needed to supply the growth during the first trimester.

Again, no progesterone, no growth.

As you can see, Neil and I sorely lack pretty much everything we needed in order to become pregnant. Next week, I’ll talk about how science and God stepped in to make it work!

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Jilanna Grace Gorline -

Thank for sharing. To many people don’t understand its not easy for everyone to conceive.

Several weeks prior to Megan & Andrew’s big day, Megan and I met for dinner to discuss her wedding day timeline – a little meeting I like to call the pre-wedding consultation! Among the many things we talked about, one was her fear of it raining all throughout her wedding day. I pish-poshed, saying it hardly ever rained all day in October. Little did I know I would be eating my words on her wedding day and for many days after!

Our area has had more continuous rain in the past week than it did this past spring – which has all but ruined most of our area photographers’ fall portrait session schedule! We only have about 3 weeks of beautiful colors in the fall and an entire week was spent emailing and texting clients minutes before their sessions saying whoops, it’s still raining, let’s look at another day!

Of course, you can’t reschedule a wedding so we just had to take what we could get! That meant a disappointing amount of bride & groom portraits since it didn’t stop raining until well after the sun set. Normally, we would just schedule a Rain Check session for a day sometime after the wedding for their portraits but Megan & Andrew set off for their next adventure the very next day… they moved to Northern California! The silver-lining of Megan & Andrew’s rainy wedding day? According to Hindu religion (which they are not of, but still!), rain on your wedding day is incredible good luck! AND that means a short trip to California for a visit and a session for me a Neil!

Ceremony Venue | Lone Oak United Methodist Church
Reception Venue | Purple Toad Winery
Florist | The Green Door Florist
Coordinator | Joanie Jordan

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After what seems like 3 of the longest years ever, Neil and I are expecting!

Trying to conceive naturally and a year of fertility treatments led us to diagnoses’ where we learned of our only option – and through the miracle of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and God’s constant faithfulness, I am finally pregnant! In fact, just yesterday I turned 15 weeks!

When you’ve wanted something for so long, and have gone so long being unsuccessful, it doesn’t quite seem real when you finally get it. I’m still pinching myself! In the coming months, I will make good on my promise to recount our infertility/IVF story. One that has a happy ending!

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Miranda Cornett -

Awww!!! Congratulations!!!! Praying for a wonderful and healthy pregnancy!!

Amanda Venters -

Awesome. So happy for yall. Congratulations.

Micheal Cruse -


Connie Williams Smith -

Congratulations!! So happy for all 3 of you!! Wonderful blessing!

Maggie Gray Teitloff -

Congratulations y’all! So exciting!

Jenna Midkiff Shelby -

Yay! Congrats!

Ashley Rawlings -

Congratulations, Super exciting!

Jenny Owens -

OHMYGOSH!!!!! I am so happy for you two!!! Love you!!!! **hugs!!!**

Brittney Chavez -

Yay!!! Congrats girl I’m so excited for you and your growing family!!!

Lisa Hina Walton -

Congratulations to you and Neil!

Jilanna Grace Gorline -

Thank you for sharing.