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You ever have one of those days were your heart and mind are somewhere else than where they should be at that given moment? For example, yesterday was Wednesday – and work day for me – and the last thing I could make myself do was anything BUT prepare for our Little Guy’s arrival. Neil and I worked on the nursery and I made lists upon lists and read every natural hospital birth I could stumble upon on the internet. Kid you not, I was in the bath tub late last night, soaking for over two hours, just researching on my phone. I’m at the point where even though I’m ready for him to come, I’m scared he’ll come TOO early and we won’t be ready. Am I making any sense?

So yesterday, this blog post should have been published, but it didn’t happen and now I’m blogging on a Thursday – normally a house chore day. But, in case you didn’t know, Western Kentucky received 14 inches of snows last night and here I am, already done with most of my chores and in need of at least a good half work day to catch myself up. I tell you, working for yourself is WAY harder than I ever thought it would be. The discipline is something I don’t quite have down yet…Anyway…

Monday was Pursuit Paducah’s March Gathering; the theme was Linger and Learn and our lovely Erin Hendley of f.a.c.e Makeup Artistry hosted the gathering at her cute little storefront downtown. Our first order of business was exchanging our Secret Sister gifts with each other. I didn’t have a Secret Sister (a major leader sacrifice!) but I was just as excited as everyone else to see who had who and who gave/got what! A couple ladies mentioned us doing the Secret Sister every month! Haha! What a great idea, except we’d all go broke from loving on each other!

Everyone took the perfect amount of time, energy, and money and bought their Secret Sister extremely thoughtful gifts. I knew everyone would do a great job but I was BLOWN AWAY by their commitment to loving on their fellow Pursuit sister. My heart swells with love and appreciation for this group! Here are the match ups from the Secret Sister Activity:

Once the gifts were exchanged, we moved on to the second main event of March’s Gathering: Learn. Erin shared her inspiring story – how she made it to New York City, started her business, and then brought her talent and experience back home to Paducah – with the group. I love hearing about other creative entrepreneurs’ journeys and her’s was definitely one you don’t hear every day! So thankful to have her!

Of course, we couldn’t end the night without a group photo! The girls insisted I be in it but someone had to take the sad quality iPhone pic! I promised them I would be in more pictures once I wasn’t a pregnant fat cow anymore ;)

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How Far Along: 35 weeks and 1 day!

Weight Gain/Loss: I didn’t have an OB appointment this week so I don’t know how much more I’ve gained. Yea, I could step on the scale at home but I don’t want to. Haha!

Sleep: Actually, not bad at all this past week! I am so incredibly thankful! I feel like the extra sleep right before he gets here is exactly what I would need and I’m so glad I’m getting it!

Best Moment This Week: My third baby shower was yesterday and it was so nice! It was all church ladies and I loved every single minute of it! Little Guy is SO loved!

Movement: I’m still feeling him frequently enough to know he’s doing well but it’s decreased enough so I’m not as uncomfortable as I was before.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Give me all the food!

What I Miss: Walking without waddling. Having my entire body NOT ache constantly. Being able to zip my boots all the way up! The list can go on forever if you let me.

Stretch Marks: Still none!

Belly Button: Same… flat with MAYBE a slight indention.

Mood: I know this isn’t a mood, but I’m just tired all the time. It’s the first trimester all over again you guys.

Labor Signs: I can’t tell by looking but I think he’s dropped. I’m peeing every hour and I’m feeling the needle like pressure on my cervix. Exciting but uncomfortable.

Milestones: We are SO close to being done with the nursery and the guest bedroom! Once they’re complete I’ll be completely ready for him to get here!

Upcoming Appointments/Events: This week is the last week I’ll go without seeing my OB. Starting at 36 weeks, I’ll see her every Monday until his arrival. READY ready ready!

What I look forward to: It’s a given that I’m looking forward to his birth but I have no idea WHEN that will happen. I do, however, know that my fourth and last baby shower is this coming Saturday and I’m REALLY excited about it!

Weekly Wisdom: Essential oils are God-sent. I cured my cough a few days ago by rubbing lemon essential oil on my check and neck right before bed. NO coughing fit whatsoever at night. AMAZING! I know this has everything to do with why I’m been getting more sleep. I can’t wait to try out more essential oils!

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Happy end of February! Here’s a look ahead for what I have planned in March…

+ Last two baby showers! This coming Sunday is my third baby shower, hosted by the ladies at my parents’ church (aka, my home church). It was suppose to be last Sunday but was postponed due to the weather. My final baby shower is the following Saturday (March 7th), hosted by my mom’s two best friends. I’m super excited about this one because it’s essentially EVERYTHING I’ve ever wanted in a baby shower! I can’t wait to blog about it :D
+ Two prenatal massages! Oh man, am I excited about these! I’ve had two already throughout this pregnancy – one during the first trimester and one during the second. The first of two for my third trimester is this coming Monday and it’ll be just a normal, run of the mill prenatal massage. The second one, scheduled for the 16th has a few extra special techniques mixed in assist in natural induction and just help baby and myself get prepared for natural labor and delivery.
+ OB appointments! In March I have a total of four scheduled UNLESS HE ARRIVES EARLY!!! Which I really hope he does. I’m so ready to meet our Little Guy and NOT be pregnant anymore :/

+ Photography. Not much going on in this area. Maternity leave began a week or so ago and will last until mid May so between now and then, I’ll just be catching up on a few things. Taxes being one of them. Oh joy.
+ Design. I’ll be finishing up one paid project, starting and finishing another paid project, and starting and MAYBE finishing a pro bono project. That last one depends on if Little Guy comes early or not.

+ Pursuit Paducah’s March Gathering. The theme is Linger and Learn and it’s happening this coming Monday evening. I’m really excited about this gathering and I’d tell you why but I don’t want to ruin it for its blog post later next week. Stay tuned!

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Meet Devan & Blake! I met Devan through Kortney who brought her to our first gathering of Pursuit Paducah. I am so thankful for this wonderful group of ladies and very glad that Devan decided to join us after only one gathering! Not long after the first gathering, I saw on Devan’s Facebook profile that her boyfriend had proposed! I already felt a strong connection to her and I jumped on that train fast! Next thing I know, I’m booking her July 2015 wedding and we’re scheduling their Save the Date Session!

The three of us decided that a 30 minute Save the Date Session and a 1 1/2 hour Engagement Session would be best since I was so close to going on maternity leave until mid May. And then, the snow came! It was thrown together quickly but I am absolutely IN LOVE with their snow day Save the Date Session! We were all freezing (it was only 22 degrees!) and we were tromping through, I kid you not, over a foot of snow but it was SO worth it! I can’t wait to spend more than just 30 minutes with these two in June for their full engagement session!!

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How Far Along: 34 weeks and 1 day

Weight Gain/Loss: Had my 34 weeks OB appointment this morning… 52 pounds gained. Although I know it’s going to be harder for me to lose the weight after Little Guy’s birth, right now I’m more worried about HIS birth weight being high. Especially since I kind of really have my heart set on a natural vaginal delivery :/

Sleep: STILL sick with a crazy bad head cold that has moved down to a lower respiratory infection. Yay. No fever, but my mucus is yellow and green. I know you wanted to know that lol. Due to the coughing fits that I have 24/7 (so forceful that I’ve thrown up a few times…) I’m not sleeping hardly at all to say the least.

Best Moment This Week: Honestly? Saturday morning was the best moment of this past week. Over night I was kept awake, due to pregnancy but more due to the cold, for 2 1/2 hours total. I was finally able to fall back asleep around 7:30 and slept till 11. And it was amazing!

Movement: About the same as last week… still active but not as active as before due to the decrease in room/womb. I still love feeing him, no matter the amount <3

Food Cravings/Aversions: No change here. I still want a margarita and I’m still eating dessert like it’s my job.

What I Miss: Not being 50 pounds over my normal ideal weight. I’m so glad I’m nearing the end!!

Stretch Marks: Still none!

Belly Button: I will be REALLY surprised if it pops. It’s still an in-y and it’s not gotten any flatter than last time.

Mood: I think I’m doing pretty good, all things considered!

Labor Signs: I maybe, kind of, sort of think he is THINKING about dropping…? He doesn’t feel as high as normal and I’m starting to pee more frequently. Also, last night I experienced the whole needles in the cervix feeling that has to do with him putting pressure on my cervix. Yay!… ?

Milestones: None lately.

Upcoming Appointments/Events: Still seeing a chiropractor… don’t know if it’s doing anything… I FINALLY got an appointment to see my massage therapist but it isn’t for another week. I am WAY overdue!

What I look forward to: The nursery isn’t done but it’s at a point where if he were to come, it’s ready enough. The guest bedroom is ALMOST done and therefore, I’m ready for him to get here. I know I have a few more weeks before he’ll be ready but I’m wishing those weeks away!

Weekly Wisdom: If and when you get sick – like bacterial infection sick – don’t be too prideful to not ask your doctor for something. I’m going on over three weeks of this head and chest cold and, as if I wasn’t feeling the third trimester energy drain already, I’m definitely feeling it now! Plus, being as large as a house makes you uncomfortable naturally. Add a cold in there and you’re just miserable. I finally caved today at my OB appointment and asked for something for the cough. I’m still not ready to take an antibiotic though because I don’t want him exposed to that if I can help it.

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Stephanie Hargis -

I’ve had to take an antibiotic twice. It wasn’t what I wanted but the first time I waited so long because I didn’t want to take anything that I was *thisclose* to having pneumonia (and Nate DID get pneumonia). When I started to get sick a week or two ago I went to the doctor immediately and it cleared up right away. I could not have gone through that again! Miserable isn’t even the word. I hope you’ve started to feel better!