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Along side my husband of over a decade, I photograph people in love with each other and in love with their lives. We're based in Paducah Kentucky but gladly will go anywhere you want to take us!

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For Parker’s 6 month on-location lifestyle family milestone session we choose to return to the exact spot where we spot Stephanie & Sawyer’s maternity session! What a special treat and a very cool memory for all three of us!

November 1, 2017

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Every time I photograph a birth, I’m all Births Are My Favorite Thing Ever! I feel the same way when I photograph a wedding… and just like I feel when I photograph anniversary sessions!!!

In Shelley & Mark’s case, it’s been over a year since I got to work with them for their wedding so I was ecstatic to see them and to photograph them again for their anniversary/fall portraits! Catching up with old friends is how it felt and I can’t wait for the many more sessions and life seasons that we’ve planned to get together for! Happy One and A Half Years you two!!!

October 31, 2017

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If I could do outdoor lifestyle family newborn sessions every single day (except Saturdays!), I would be a happy happy photographer! The Cunningham family humored me in meeting me out at the very same location where their maternity portraits took place and I don’t know if they were thinking along the same lines as me but now their most recent prints on their walls will match! Because of location! Of course, locations don’t have to match but I think this session proves it worked in our favor! And Baby Ila slept the entire time!!! It’s something about being outside that calms babies. Winning!

October 30, 2017

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To say I was ecstatic when Chelsey emailed me saying YAY she was getting married is an understatement! I was thrilled for her and ever since working with her for a feature in Paducah Life Magazine, I knew I wanted to work with again as soon as possible! And then my heart was broken when I learned that she and Corbin were planning a Winter 2018 wedding, right at the beginning of my maternity leave for Baby Girl. Ah! But at that time, I hadn’t even undergone IFV treatments yet so we went back and forth trying to decide. We both wished for the treatments to work the first time and it was bitter sweet when I told her to good news – that we would not be able to photograph her February 2018 wedding. Thankfully, she still wanted me to be their engagement photographer and I was more than comfortable to pass her off to a very good friend in the industry who I knew would take amazing care of them on their wedding day.

October 27, 2017

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Baby William, or Sir William as I like to call him, entered this world a few months ago and has already changed so much since these newborn portraits! As all parents know, babies really do change so quickly in appearance and so much more – that’s why I have a passion for lifestyle newborn portraits – images from these sessions not only show their tiny little features when they’re days old, but also how small they were in a dad’s arms, how they fit up against mom’s chest. Baby will never be this small again and it should be documented!

October 26, 2017

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After their engagement session, I knew exactly where I planned to take Morgan & Ethan for their bride & groom portraits on their wedding day – a benefit of shooting one of their engagement outfits at their wedding day venue and the surrounding area! So that was one task I was able to check off my to-do list for when I arrived at Shelby Farms Park that say. Next up, wedding party and family portraits location – the sun was high in the sky so I needed plenty of shade (large groupings) and a pretty background too! I ended up choosing the front of the venue building because of the giant windows that had shades covering on the inside and the reflected outside a hill of talks trees. I was thrilled! Also, it meant I would stand my subjects on the off white sidewalk – natural light reflector for their faces! Win!

October 25, 2017

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