Many photographer's "about me" section will tell you how they've known they wanted to be a photographer since they were a child. Not mine. I didn't know that's what I wanted until I actually started taking pictures and realized that photography was the creative outlet I had been missing my entire life.

I "found" photography when I took my sister in law and her fiance's engagement portraits and ended up loving the whole experience! I practiced as a registered nurse for years, all the while growing my photography business but in 2013 I was at a point where I could no longer do both. I had to make a choice and while it was the hardest decision I've ever made, I've not once regretted it!

But bringing my husband Neil into the mix was one of the easiest decisions I've ever made! As my second shooter, he's been becoming besties with groomsmen, winning over bridesmaids, and loving on my couples along side me since 2015. He completes

I married my best friend.
I can't wait for you to marry your's!

                                                                                                      my wedding photography business just like he completes me in our marriage! 

Also in 2015 we had our firstborn, Graeme, and our lives changed forever! And then in 2018, Georgia was born and our family was complete! Having children changes every aspect of your life but what I didn’t expect is for it to change our business for the better! We can’t help but tear up at every mother/son and father/daughter dance! Be forewarned, one of us (ok, it'll be me) will cry at some point of your wedding day! Graeme and Georgia have given such a beautiful new perspective on life and love and we use that to better tell your story.


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