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2016 Goal Setting, part 1

January 21, 2016

Image from headshot session with Makenzie Lynn Photography in 2013. That’s it, I’m growing my hair out!

It’s Thursday… Let’s quit something!

In 2016, I’m saying NO to:
+ Having a combined personal and professional blog. I’ve been doing it for years and slowly but surely half of my blog has become all things Graeme, babies, and parenting. A project we’re working on this year will add a new personal dimension and all that together will start to clutter up my professional blog.
+ More than two weddings a month. For the same reason as last year: Graeme, but also new adventure! Yes, it’s secret… for now!
+ Feeling bad for saying NO. I am a people please, which means I give my all to my clients, but it also sometimes bites me in the butt. I’m learning to say NO to things that don’t line up with my faith, beliefs, morals, and goals but it doesn’t do much good if I put myself on a guilt trip because of it.

In 2016, I’m saying YES to:
+ Creating a NEW personal blog. I’m so so so very excited for our next adventure that I’ll need a whole new space for it!
+ More time for family and friends and…
+ New adventures! One in particular. How many times can I mention it without giving it away? We shall see! Haha!
+ Collaborating with local creatives. I have a few things already in the works and I’m excited to start planning more! What to collaborate this year? Email me!
+ Bringing Neil on as my full time second shooter. Neil has been second shooting with me off and on for years, as well as a couple other aspiring photographers, but this year he’ll be my one and only. This means so many awesome things for my 2016 (and beyond!) couples and the business! I’ll be sharing more about this enhancement soon!
+ More me time. As a wife, first time mom of a little one, and a full time photographer and business owner, that doesn’t leave much ME time. I need more bubble baths, more pedicures, more girl time, and more yoga.
+ Sleep consulting. Hey, did you know that I’m currently training to become a sleep consultant or sleep coach?? YUP! Bring your infant and baby and child sleep problems to me, starting April 2016!

What worked in 2015:
+ Only shooting weddings two Saturdays a month. At first, it was for my poor healing postpartum body, then it was for my deliciously adorable baby boy. Being a wedding photographer is HARD on the body, you guys. And, although I thought it would be difficult to be away from Graeme for 10-16 hours every Saturday, it became something I dreaded. I never want to feel that way towards something I love deep down in my heart just because I fail to say NO when I should. I am a wedding photographer so that I can stay home (work from home) with my little guy and still assist in financially supporting my family. The first reason should always be the main reason.
+ Hiring a nanny to watch Graeme in our home. This one single thing has been my saving grace in my business this past year. She took care of play time, naps, and meals (minus breastfeeding of course!) with Graeme while I worked from home. I didn’t miss any milestones or cuteness because I was just in the next room and I was able to nurse him – which is simply my favorite part of every day! She only comes 2-3 times a week but it’s so much better than the alternative options. We’re so thankful for all that she does and Graeme just loves her to pieces!

What didn’t work in 2015:
+ Having a jam packed blogging calendar. Before Graeme was sleeping better, I was going to sleep around 9pm every night because Graeme was sleeping with me. Emails and editing took up most of my days and blogging use to only happen at night. I’m still playing catch up!
+ Not having a dedicated work space. Before Graeme, we used our spare bedrooms as an office and a guest bedroom. Now, we have a nursery and a guest bedroom and my office is in the eat-in area of our kitchen. It worked fine until Graeme decided he wants mom and only mom and became mobile :/ Not sure what the solution will be but it’s something that needs remedied.
+ Not having a dedicated studio space. It didn’t work, so we changed it! More on that later!

Tomorrow I’m sharing my goals for the business, the blog, and the family for 2016. Stay tuned!