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A Look Ahead: March

February 27, 2015

Dachshund Selfies | A Look Ahead: March | Rachael Houser Photography

Happy end of February! Here’s a look ahead for what I have planned in March…

+ Last two baby showers! This coming Sunday is my third baby shower, hosted by the ladies at my parents’ church (aka, my home church). It was suppose to be last Sunday but was postponed due to the weather. My final baby shower is the following Saturday (March 7th), hosted by my mom’s two best friends. I’m super excited about this one because it’s essentially EVERYTHING I’ve ever wanted in a baby shower! I can’t wait to blog about it 😀
+ Two prenatal massages! Oh man, am I excited about these! I’ve had two already throughout this pregnancy – one during the first trimester and one during the second. The first of two for my third trimester is this coming Monday and it’ll be just a normal, run of the mill prenatal massage. The second one, scheduled for the 16th has a few extra special techniques mixed in assist in natural induction and just help baby and myself get prepared for natural labor and delivery.
+ OB appointments! In March I have a total of four scheduled UNLESS HE ARRIVES EARLY!!! Which I really hope he does. I’m so ready to meet our Little Guy and NOT be pregnant anymore :/

+ Photography. Not much going on in this area. Maternity leave began a week or so ago and will last until mid May so between now and then, I’ll just be catching up on a few things. Taxes being one of them. Oh joy.
+ Design. I’ll be finishing up one paid project, starting and finishing another paid project, and starting and MAYBE finishing a pro bono project. That last one depends on if Little Guy comes early or not.

+ Pursuit Paducah’s March Gathering. The theme is Linger and Learn and it’s happening this coming Monday evening. I’m really excited about this gathering and I’d tell you why but I don’t want to ruin it for its blog post later next week. Stay tuned!