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Anna’s Old Schoolhouse Eddyville Portrait Session

December 4, 2012

I’ve known Anna all of her young life; she’s the daughter of my childhood friend Becky, who is the daughter of my mom’s best friend Ellen; Becky and her family lived across the street from us while we were growing up. If you can believe it, Anna is only 5 years old! And since I started photography, I’ve been bugging both Becky and Ellen for the chance to take Anna’s pictures, just for the fun of it. Last Christmas, my mom gave Ellen one of my one hour portrait session gift cards (she paid for it and everything!) so Ellen HAD to take me up on my offer. We got together, finally, a few weeks ago and now, none of us have any idea why on earth we waited so long! We all had a blast AND some of my best children’s portraits, in my opinion, were created. I hope you all enjoy these favorites from that beautiful fall day.