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Kaitlin & Jacob

November 13, 2017

An Audubon State Park Fall Engagement Session in Henderson Kentucky

More often than not, I communicate solely with the bride, sometimes with the mother of bride. Jacob was the first groom to do 95% of all emailing, phone chats, and planning when it came to the photographer (ME!) for his and Kaitlin’s May 2018 wedding – and I didn’t mind it at all! He was so personable and easy going, all the while taking into full consideration what he knew Kaitlin wanted. For example, about a month prior to the wedding, he, Kaitlin’s wedding day makeup artist, and myself made sure she was able to have her makeup done via airbrush by a certain awesome makeup artist (Erin Hendley, f.a.c.e makeup, holler!), at the specific time of the day (crazy early), so that it worked with everyones timeline. Jacob did that. All for this bride. He had Kaitlin’s best interest AND her desires in the forefront of his mind and made sure their wedding team did too. That’s the kind of man he is.

When I finally met and got to talk to Kaitlin, I could see why Jacob held her and her wants and needs in such high regard. She is intelligent, stunning, so so funny, and fun to be around! Her smile is contagious and Jacob’s face lights up when he sees her face. They both have very demanding and time consuming jobs and before that, they were very busy with school so online dating is what brought them together. It’s so amazing how the internet works these days – it allowed Kaitlin & Jacob to be matched to each other and therefore, find their perfect person! Their engagement session was such a sweet time with them and I could hardly wait for their lakeside wedding a few months later!