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Baby Emilia

April 5, 2020

A Newborn Baby Girl Session in A Natural Light Studio in Paducah

People come into your life in odd ways and sometimes, they stick around. When Neil & I sold our first house in 2017, it was Eric & Emma. Initially after the move, a few times I had to pick up mail or a package and Emma was always so sweet about it. They even shared with us how they’ve utilized the space in their home and have invited us to come by a visit. I may have shared with them how much Graeme still misses his old house 😅

When their first child Emilia’s arrival was near, Emma reached out to me for newborn portraits in the studio and I was beyond honored the they thought of me. The newborn portraits that I took of Graeme years before once hung in their home, and now the newborn portraits I took of Emilia are now hung there.