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The Birth of River

November 22, 2019

A Baptist Health Madisonville Pain Med Free Vaginal Birth

I’ve photographed many a birth before Baby River’s, but never one outside of Paducah. When Kristen first inquired, I reminder her that due to the birth taking place over an hour from Paducah, there was a chance I may not make it in time if I didn’t have plenty of notice. She assured me she understood that was a possibility and that she would keep me updated every step along the way. I greatly appreciate over communication, especially in matters such as birth.

Fast forward to the day before Baby River arrived into his mama’s arms. Kristen text me mid morning to let me know that her contractions were regular so within minutes I was on my way to Madisonville. When I parked my car in the hospital parking lot and touched base with Kristen, she had made no progress and had company so I chose to stay in my car working until further notice. Hours passed and before I knew it, it was dark and yet still Baby River was no closer to being here. I grabbed a bite to eat and checked into a hotel to sleep… for how long, I didn’t know but I knew I’d regret shooting all night and into the morning without any sleep.

I was awoken about an hour after falling asleep to news of progress and with excitement, I jumped up and left straight away. From there, more slow hours passed while Kristen’s husband and mother attended to her as she labored, and I of course documented. Kristen labored so gracefully and once things got going, it happened quickly. All of the sudden it was time to push and before we all knew it…. even though the whole 20 hours before felt like it stretched on forever…. River was here and in Kristen’s arms.