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Britney & Jon

May 27, 2013

Let’s be honest here… anyone who knows me knows that I am hardly ever early to things. I’m never more than 5 minutes late, but usually, I’m right on time. This wasn’t the case for Britney & Jon’s wedding…. On May 11th I pulled into the Renee’s parking lot 10 minutes early. This is a small testament of how excited I was for that day!

The day started off bright and sunny, where I was grasping at shady areas to photograph in; then turned into a perfect overcast – a photographer’s dream. It got really sunny again, and then slowly faded to a doom’s day grey. We were all praying that the impending storm would hold off at least until after the ceremony, since there was no Plan B but God heard our prayers. The rain held off until after the family portraits that followed the ceremony and it only rained (hard) for about 10 minutes, which allowed us to finish Britney & Jon’s portraits outside. We were even blessed with a rainbow!