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Brittany & Chris

March 22, 2013

Brittany & Chris’ day started off perfectly smooth. I arrived at the Summers Riverview Mansion Bed And Breakfast and, after meeting Chris at the front door, I headed upstairs to Brittany. Chris, however, returned to nervously pacing in the downstairs parlor. It was really, very adorable. I spent some time photographing details while Brittany’s mom finished up Brittany’s hair and make up and then joined Chris in the room next door where he told me such a beautiful secret: Brittany is pregnant! It was such a lovely surprise, and it made the rest of the day that more special. Not that the day needed any help feeling special – the wedding was just Chris and his parents, and Brittany and her parents. And me and the owners of the bed and breakfast of course! Even though my time with the Brittany and Chris was short (too short!) I am so honored that I was chosen to photograph their intimate day.

Brittany’s flowers? Absolutely gorgeous!

Brittany’s shoes for the wedding look remarkably similar to her every day shoes… only much newer 😉

I LOVE this photo of Chris and Brittany’s dad. It just says so much!

The moment when a bride realizes, Oh my goodness, I’m getting married!

The Father/Daughter First Look! One of my new favorites!

When I took this photo, I was focusing on placement of the ring on the ring finger. When I was editing this photo was the first time I saw the little heart tattoo on the side of her thumb. Cutest tattoo ever, amiright?!?

Married!!! Have you ever seen a bride look at their new husband with such adoration??? Pure love, y’all.