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Cassie & Sean

October 19, 2017

A Lowertown and Noble Park Engagement Session | Paducah, Kentucky

I first met Cassie when she booked a full boudoir shoot with me almost two years ago. I had such a blast shooting with her and apparently she felt a connect as well because we chatted after her session for almost the same amount of time that we shot and one of the things we’d talked about was shooting together again. She’d said, whenever I get married (she wasn’t dating anyone at the time!) I’m calling you!

Fast forward to not even three months ago – I’d seen her recent Facebook post and was hoping she’d remember her “promise” but wanted to give her her space to enjoy being engaged before I asked for a sit down. Of course she hadn’t forgotten because she CALLED me out of the blue to say she was getting married in October OF THIS YEAR and please tell her I’m available! I just so happened to be so we got to planning and quick!

Bridal consult – check! Officially booked – check! Engagement session shot – check! Questionnaire completed and timeline finalized – check! Wedding – THIS SATURDAY!