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Taylor & Alex

April 15, 2021

An Classic Downtown Paducah Spring Engagement Session

My second couple in a row to have met via social media! Taylor downloaded a dating app one summer before her senior year in college if for no other reason to just have a new friend. Alex was the first and only person Taylor went out with – the first stranger she’d ever spent time with. After that date, they didn’t go a single day without seeing each other – they were inseparable! Taylor said it best: “Do you know that feeling when you’ve been around someone for too long and they start to get on your nerves? I know I’ve felt that before many times but for some reason me and Alex simply could not get enough of each other that summer, it is safe to say that was the best summer ever! Naturally, after meeting someone like Alex I knew I couldn’t just let him go even if it did mean dating long distance during college. We made it work and each took turns making the drive to visit one another. Once covid hit, his family were kind enough to let me stay with them at their house while I was finishing up school. I definitely think our relationship blossomed during that time, I think hard times really bring out the love we have for one another in all sorts of relationships not only romantic ones.”

It was very important to them both that their engagement session highlighted the beautiful that is Paducah in spring. They love Downtown Paducah so we started there. Even if they hadn’t insisted, I would have suggested bringing their pup Burt. He was the sweetest and I love that he also was on their very first date almost two years ago! It only made sense that he be in the first images of their engagement session! Their May 2022 wedding will be here before we know it and I simply cannot wait!