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Rachel & James

February 23, 2021

A Classy and Cuddly Late Fall Paducah Engagement Session

Let’s talk a minute about how I don’t necessary miss warmer temps (I love the change of seasons!) but I do miss these warm fall colors! Can we also talk about how amazing these two are together?? Rachel & James have been family friends their whole lives and dated off and on since middle school (AH middle school love!). They managed to find their way back to each other every time and after he returned home from a 9 month deployment, they both knew they were “it” for one another.

When I asked them what about the other person makes them feel loved, Rachel said, “We truly are each others best friend. You could ask both of us who we would rather be with at any time and our only answers would be each other. His love for me never changes, no matter the situation. He motivates me to get up and be better everyday and even when I don’t reach that goal of being better than the day before, he picks me right back up.” Rachel then mentioned that James teared up as he read his to her, “The thing I love the most about Rachel is everything. Her personality is so bright, it lights up my world. I believe she brings out the best in me. She is so sweet and caring. She’s my best friend and I know God kept putting her in my path for a reason all these years.”

Now I’M tearing up!!! Next October needs to get here quick!