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Rachael & Cory

September 3, 2019

A Classy Army and Fun Downtown Engagement Session in Paducah Kentucky

I’ve known Rachael for a couple of years now…. I don’t remember exactly when we met but I do remember where and how. We were both sitting in our favorite local coffeehouse, Et Cetera, she was working on teacher stuff (lesson plans, I don’t know lol) and I was editing images. We sat at separate tables but right next to one another. She asked if I was a photographer. I said yes and introduced myself. She liked my name (haha, get it? because our name is the same!) and said she’d heard of me before. We chatted a few more times and then got back to work. We would see each other off and on for the next several years, even exchanged numbers.

Then I receive a text from her out of nowhere. She’d met someone – an army soldier and they’d both fallen head over heals in love! I was thrilled for her! She deserved someone as great as she is and after hearing about him for a few minutes I knew this was it! She was getting engaged soon and starting to do milk wedding planning. There was no tell me about your packages conversation. She told me when they were thinking the date would be and asked if I was available to do it and how soon could she nail me down for the date. Rachael & Cory were officially an #RHPCouple in no time and the actually planning began!

I didn’t know Cory but through Rachael I’d heard so much about him that when we finally met in person at their engagement session I went straight in for a hug! He and I both were so ready to start working together, which isn’t always the norm for the groom! After only a couple minutes in front of my camera, I realized Rachael was right about him – he really was excited about their portrait session with me and the three of us feel into such a nice rhythm. I’m almost embarrassed at how many images I ended up delivering to them! I can’t say for sure but it may have been the most images I’ve delivered for an engagement session!