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Dreams, Goals, and Reality

July 14, 2014


When I first started my business back in 2010, I didn’t have have much of a goal to speak of but my business grew and the next thing I knew, I was dreaming of what it could become. Neil and I sat down and made goals that needed to be accomplished before my dream of quoting nursing and taking my business full time could become a reality. Those goals, and then some, were met and that dream became reality a little over a year ago.

So much has changed since then! God has taken my business and moulded it into His own. He’s also taken our hearts and changed our desires. Since April of 2013, God has laid on our hearts the desire to take our journey to parenthood further, all the while the desire to live debt free. With those two dreams in mind, we set a few goals and are slowly (hopefully) bringing them to reality.

With personal dreams, goals, and realities, there were also business/photography related dreams, goals, and realities that came to light because of them.

For the year 2015, my dream is to book and shoot 30 weddings between the months of April and November. Another dream of mine is something I’m keeping a secret, but just for a little while longer! With your help, I know I can make these dreams reality! Stay tuned!!!