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Lauren & Brennon

October 4, 2019

An Early Fall Engagement Session, Private Farm, Union City Tennessee

I think we figured it out, Lauren, Brennon and I – that we met 8 years ago. Back when I was fresh into portrait photography and doing mini sessions on the campus of my alma mater, Murray State University, Lauren & Brennon booked one. As they say, the rest is history! Except so much has happened since then!

Back up because their story started before I met them in 2011! They’ve technically known OF each other since elementary school! But finally met and were formally introduced in 2008 and 11 years later they’re finally engaged to be married after 12 years of dating. That is not a short time you guys! As I said, I met them in Murray, where Lauren attended but Brennon did not. They maintained a relationship that started before college, dated all throughout college while attending different colleges, and then eventually moved to South Carolina together.

Facebook is an amazing thing, isn’t it? That’s how Lauren and I stayed connected and how I learned that they were engaged. It didn’t take long for them to choose a date and to we handled booking quickly. Next step was their engagement session… they chose to return to their hometown of Union City TN and to Lauren’s childhood home for their session and it was so sweet to me to be let into their special part of her life and now, of their life!