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Elizabeth & Nathan

June 12, 2017

Elizabeth & Nathan have known each other for years, attend the same high school, but never more than acquaintances. They reconnected through social media in summer 2016 and things really clicked – they’ve been inseparable ever since! I love stories like theirs because even though their dating relationship may seem short, I truly believe that God placed that seed in their hearts and lives way back in high school and it’s been growing every since!

I got to meet Elizabeth in person in Paducah for their bridal consult while she was here doing part of her clinical rotation. I rarely get that opportunity with out of town brides so it was such a treat! We gabbed forever before, during, and after wedding chat – exactly my kind of bridal consult! We even scheduled her boudoir session as a gift for Nathan which we later got together for…. Maybe my favorite bridal boudoir session ever?

We met at Audubon State Park in Henderson for the start of their engagement session… I may have told them 15 billion times that they could move their wedding location to there and I would not be upset whatsoever! It was SO STUNNING! We ended our night down at Henderson’s riverfront area, which rivals Paducah’s new riverfront area. Such great variety in their images, all the while maintaining their personality throughout the session.