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Our First Snow

December 11, 2013

For my northern friends reading this, you may not fully grasp the awesomeness of the situation but my southern friends definitely would! You guys, it snowed before Christmas! More importantly, it stuck on the ground AND stuck around! So on Friday, once the snow finally slowed down a bit we did the best we could, without snow boots, to enjoy it while it lasts. It was, however, 19 degrees outside so we didn’t stay out too long but it had to start with clearing off a pathway for the pups. Silly little things and their short legs… the snow was actually too deep (what? I know!) for them otherwise.

When I heard about the winter storm I was hopeful but have so many times been let down by the promise of a good snow storm. The last time we got much of anything was the ice storm of January 2009. And of course, that was almost pure ice and even thought I wanted something, I didn’t want that! Power outages that lasted for days to weeks (for some)! But we weren’t about to be unprepared. We got our gas fireplace checked out (and then replaced because the old one was broken), stocked up on food, and hunkered down for the storm. The freezing rain started late Thursday night and we awoke Friday morning to about an inch of ice covered in about a foot of snow and big fluffy snow flakes were still falling. It was absolutely beautiful and I was in heaven.