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Georgia is 18 months old

July 31, 2019

Georgia is 18 months old today. I have a one and a half year old daughter. What!? At this very moment she is taking the one nap she takes a day, which is typically 12:30pm to 3pm. When it’s not a work day for me, this is when I’m usually working: emailing, blogging, etc. Most editing occurs at night (almost every night) after both kiddos are in bed. Except today, when I edited Georgia’s 18 month portraits directly after putting her down for her nap so that I could get this blog post up in a timely manner. I mean, I only took these portraits an hour beforehand!

I’ve been so lax in allllll blogging, especially blogging milestone and birthdays for both Graeme and Georgia and since I’m on a blogging roll and getting caught up, it was really important to me to have her 18 month post up on her actual 18 month date. Winning!

As you’ll notice, her studio portraits were taken (today) with my big camera while the rest of the images are directly from my iPhone, mostly unedited (I wish I had time to edit allll of the images, but alas…), but they are in chronological order! These are my favorites from the past 6 months….

In these past 6 months, she’s started walking (at 13 months), and later running (17 months). She’s super fast when she has something she shouldn’t have and we’re trying to get it away from her. Her favorites things to “steal”: dog food, our phones, anything Graeme is playing with, clean clothes that we’re trying to put on her or ourselves, pens and pencils, and the tv remote.

She likes most foods we offer her… her favorites right now: cottage cheese, green beans, milk, ice cream, pasta, bananas, apple sauce, anything chocolate, blueberries, eggs, and milk. She still nurses 1-3 times a day depending on my presence but is barely getting anything due to the short duration and infrequency. Neither of us mind it so I’ll continue to nurse her until she’s no longer interested. Another thing Graeme was never interested in past 5 months old, yet Georgia has no issue doing – nursing in public. Graeme would not, could not nurse around people. He was far too distracted but Georgia, while also distracted, is able to focus much better. And again, because she mostly nurses for comfort and connection with me, others being around doesn’t bother her much. Sometimes it comes in handy, sometimes I’d rather not nurse in public when she wants to. Graeme eventually self weaned around 23 months old. She enjoys nursing for comfort way more than Graeme did so I anticipate her nursing past 2 years old but we’ll see.

She can repeat pretty much any two syllable word but the words she says easily on her own her – First, the important people in her life: Mama, Dada, Bubba, Mimi, Pappou, Nana, Bear, Aly, Benny, and Abbey; diaper, no, bath, boob, wa-wa (water), dink (drink), thank you, love you, truck, car, pup pup (what she calls puppies or dogs), cat, dog, slide, swing, bye-bye, hi, hey, uh-huh (how she says yes), baby, look, berry, puff (for puffs), trash, and I’m sure many more, I just can’t remember them all right now. I wish I had a document on my phone that contains the list of words she can say but I don’t. Slacker second time mom right here 😅

Georgia has done quite a big in just the past several months… Her first Disney Experience, a Disney Cruise to Costa Maya, Cozumel, and Disney’s Castaway Cay, and because of that, taking her 5th and 6th flight in her short life!; spent several days on the lake and in her Mimi’s pool; talking far too many stroller rides and walks around our neighborhood to count; so so many playground visits and play dates at friends’ houses and the coffeehouse. She spent the night over at my parents’ for the first time while Neil and I took a 5 day trip to South Carolina – which was hard on both of us!

She still adores her brother and loves to play with whatever he’s playing, when he lets her. She’s a climber and a dare devil, neither of which Graeme was until he turned 3! I know most of her physical achievements has to do with the fact that she sees her older brother doing it and thinks she can as well. And more often than not, she succeeds without injury! She’s still a big time mama’s girl which is the main reason I don’t attempt and therefore don’t get any work done while she’s around. Working in my in home studio requires someone else watching her and playing with her either outside or upstairs. Graeme didn’t mind me leaving (for work or whatever) until he was around 2.5 years old but Georgia has minded from day one and still has a come apart if she’s aware of my leaving. Good thing I don’t leave her as much as I would have to if I were still a nurse!

Being home (most of the time) with my littles is simply the greatest privilege! I’m so thankful to my clients who allow me to continue to be success in this business and industry so that I’m able to be present with Georgia (and Graeme) while she’s little. She’s my blue eyed, blonde (curly in the back) haired, wild yet oh so sweet and cuddly baby girl and I’m so so glad she’s our’s!