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Graeme, You are 1 Year Old!

April 4, 2016

Paducah-Kentucky-newborn-photographer-Rachael-Houser_0053Birthday chalkboard graphic by Harper’s Halos.

My beautiful baby boy, you are one year old.

I had planned on writing and publishing your one year blog post last Friday, on your actual birthday, but you were quite fussy, I was busy with preparing for your party the following day, plus I was (and still am) down and out with my back. We did manage to do a couple activities together and you kind of cooperated during your pictures. But not really. We had to bribe you with Puffs…


As I sit here typing this out, I’m having a hard time coming up with things to say. You haven’t change an awful lot since last month. You’re more social, you “talk” more, you crawl faster, and you feed yourself better. You’re your 11 month old self, just improved!

You started hugging a week or so ago and you know a few words, like sock, shoe, and the names of some of your toys and stuffed animals. You’re doing better with car rides and we think it has a lot to do with your new car seat. You love being outside but have a weird thing about grass – you don’t like to touch it. You’re still napping like a champ most days and you sleep well most nights. Teething continues to be a beast but we’re all soldiering through it with a little help from Tylenol and Motrin. You’ve taken several steps on your own but we don’t think you realize it – you’re still not attempting to walk. I’m really not in any rush to have you walking because you’re already getting into and climbing on everything! Now, more than ever, I’m begging you – Please stop growing up so fast!


So thankful for out Nanny Jean who watching you while mommy works. She helped me with your painting activity. (To see the finished product, visit my Instagram).


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