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Graeme, You are 11 months old!

March 3, 2016


Dear Graeme,

We are staring down the barrel. Your first birthday is just around the corner. And your mom is kind of freaking out.

It’s a weird feeling…. I’m excited but I’m already missing my little baby. You dad is just plain excited – your his big boy already! Technically, you’re a baby until you turn 2 years old but you are starting to look more and more like a little boy every day and good Lord, your personality is in full bloom!

Your weekly schedule includes Mondays and Tuesdays or Fridays with Nanny Jean at home, Wednesdays at Mimi’s, and every other day with me. You’re still nursing (woohoo!) 4 times a day but you successfully night weaned a couple weeks ago. We eat three meals a day and LOVE everything we offer you. You love to feed yourself! Bananas are probably your favorite right now and second would be green beans. We know you like something when you clap after every bite!

Since teething has officially started (finally!), your nights are rough. Before about a week ago, you were sleeping through the night most nights and it has been lovely. Your dad and I have really appreciated the sleep and look forward to the end of this teething phase… we know you are too! You take a morning and an afternoon nap, both a little over an hour in length each. You’ve done so well falling asleep independently – sleep training was definitely a wise investment!

You still have no interest in walking but have taken to climbing on and off the couch and ottoman by yourself, which makes me a little nervous because your climbing off looks an awful lot like diving head first. You wave hello and goodbye, which is simply adorable! Your face lights up when you see a familiar face and you’re very popular at our local coffeehouse so you don’t meet many strangers. You love love love your dogs! You cuddle and hug on Benny, and you would on Aly if she’d let you get close enough. Your favorite cartoon (right now) is Octonauts and every time you hear the ending theme song, you stop whatever you’re doing and dance wherever you are.


And because you love your dogs!…