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The Hardwood Floors, before

May 8, 2014

I’m blogging this a tad out of order. BUT I wanted my first second house project post to be a little bit more involved, which this one totally is! You guys, in case you don’t follow me on instagram (which you should!), we installed custom hardwood floors. Installed. Not re-did. Installed!

I’m obviously new at this whole blogging house projects because I totally failed at grabbing a “before” shot of the floor. SO I had to steal these from a previous post. This is what we were working with before hand:


Our complaints about the carpet are your typical carpet/homeowner complaints, plus a few because this carpet was on the shag side of things:

+ Carpet holds dirt like whoa, no matter how often we vacuumed
+ Shag carpet – there were permanent “trails” in the carpet where the walkways were
+ Carpet also holds fleas! Last summer was awful awful awful.

The carpet wasn’t overly gross – the previous owners took care of it as well as they could. Carpet is just gross :/

So we decided back in September that before the summer came back around we would have rid our house of all the carpet! And we did! Stay tune for more about our new hardwood floors!