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January Snapshot and Goals for 2014

January 1, 2014


Happy New Year!!! It’s 2014 and can I say how happy I am that it’s here?! Yesterday, I blogged a sort of review of my 2013, what worked and what didn’t. I also listed what could work for my 2014.

Here’s what I’m up to this month:

+ I start my new part time nursing job next week! I’m excited but also a little worried about how it’s going to work out with my business. I am really going to try extremely hard to keep my priorities in line and if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out.
+ My second Bristol Bridal Expo is near the end of the month. I’ll be busy building my booth and designing and ordering its contents. I can’t wait to meet all of the newly engaged brides!
+ We’re starting fertility treatments up again this month and we’ll be trying some new tricks!
+ I have a few photography project I’m launching soon 😉
+ Neil and I have canceled our gym membership but only because the gym at our church is just as good. Yay for saving money and yay for starting to work out again!

And now for some Goals! These are more along the lines of prayers I am going to selfishly be asking God for this year in particular:

+ We are going to get pregnant! I know this is in God’s timing, and that His timing is perfect, but we’re really hoping that THIS is OUR year! We’ve been trying for 2 1/2 years and I’m not getting any younger, y’all! 😉
+ We want to make a HUGE dent in our debt. I got a part time job specifically to chip away at it so I know we will make progress in this goal. And because I’d like to get rid of it all together in about two years’ time, I’d sincerely pray this job works out well for me.
+ We are going to tackle most, if not all the house projects I have in mind. Our biggest project, the bathrooms, was completely last spring and our second biggest should be happening in a month of so. Everything else is either small or medium – no more big projects, so this goal should be check off this year.
+ I’d like to finishing losing this extra weight. Oh Lordy, I know this goal is a one that everyone has on their list but I’d like to get down to a comfortable pre-pregnancy weight before I gain actual pregnancy weight.
+ And last but not least, of course, I want to continue growing my photography business. 2013 showed a big jump in business from 2012… let’s make that happen again this year!