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Jasmine & Chris

May 25, 2017

Do you remember that time, almost two months ago, when I went to New York City for an engagement session? There was snow still on the ground in some places and the trees hadn’t yet bloomed to green. Other than the not so subtle nod to winter, the air was full of spring!

This wasn’t our first destination engagement session but this was definitely the farthest! Jasmine & Chris are from Paducah but have found themselves living their lovely lives down in Houston. When the engagement finally happened, Jasmine clued me into their thoughts – Key West or Cancun wedding and engagement sessions in Paducah (of course!) and Houston. I was down for whatever and excited at the thought of shooting in Texas, a state I’ve never ever visited. Then all of the sudden they were planning Chris’ birthday celebration in NYC and Jasmine and I said, WHY NOT? Neil and I booked our flights the next day!

Destination weddings and, likewise, destination engagement sessions are different than the norm – If you’re paying for me to be there multiple days, then we get to shoot multiple days! We started our first evening in NYC, a Friday, in Central Park. Where else?? Jasmine and I had done extensive research on where to shoot in the park so we tried to hit our top picks during the first two hours of shooting. The second hour was mostly us walking around 6th street TRYING to grab street shots. It’s not as easy as some people make it look! Our fourth hour was spent after dinner in Time Square. Lordy, those may have been my favorite images!

Our third day there was a bitter 38 degrees and windy but we braved it to grab some iconic Brooklyn Bridge pictures and then spent our last bit of light shooting at a park near the bridge. Was all of that walking on Friday and freezing on Sunday worth it? No doubt in my mind!