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Kacey & Hunter’s Engagement Session

April 21, 2012

A week ago I shot Kacey and Hunter’s engagement session at Hunter’s family farm in Western Kentucky. You might remember their sneak peek I posted that evening… After a week of portrait sessions, editing sneak peek images, and designing albums I’m finally blogging their session. I was on a mission these past several days to get all my portrait sessions caught up because I have two weddings in May to photograph.

I think I surprised Kacey, and I know I surprised myself, when I was already loading up their engagement pictures on my client gallery just two days after their session took place. I attribute the speed to two things, awesome subjects to photograph and my growing skills behind the camera. I’m so glad that I can give clients like Kacey and Hunter quality as well as quantity.

When I first met Kacey and her mom back in February it was like love at first sight…. or whatever you call it for a wedding photographer and her new bride. The three of us clicked immediately and after hearing of all their plans for their August wedding I just knew I was meant to photograph it.

Picture this: yellow and khaki, classy country accents, mason jars…. need I say more?! I’m sure Kacey and her mom thought I was some sort of dork, totally geeking out over every detail they dished out. But that’s what I’m all about: the details and the personality that each couple pours into their wedding.

A few days before their e-session, Kacey and I were still trying to nail down a location. Her mom wanted us to end up at the church where the ceremony will take place but Kacey and Hunter wanted to start at their new farm that they were building on. But that was the problem: they were building on it. So the night before she decided we would be better off just to shoot at Hunter’s family farm. It was right down the road from their farm and it wasn’t muddy from construction! I’ll go with that any day of the week!

Funny enough, Kacey had been ready for hours and it was Hunter that we had to wait on once I arrived. Kacey, her mom, and Hunter’s mom kept me company and meeting Hunter’s mom was just like meeting the other two ladies. Instant connection. It’s clients and families like Kacey and Hunter’s that really make my job easy. They made me feel comfortable right off the bat even though they really didn’t know me and I was invading their home and getting ready to drag their children around a million acre (exaggeration, I’m sure) farm for two hours. Oh yea, and they were paying me a nice amount of money. Well, I hope I made them just as comfortable!

Remember when I said it was very warm, windy, and sunny? Uh, yea. It was. But what do you usually find on farms? Barns! And barns provide great shade and shielded us from a good part of the wind that day. Once we were away from the barns I started making them sit down, lie down, face this way, now face that way, and even though Kacey mentioned that Hunter wasn’t a fan of lying in the grass he didn’t complain one bit! What a good sport!

They also are a might fine looking couple, aren’t they?!

I kept them over about 20 minutes but I seriously could have shot for another hour or two if the light would have let me. I am now more than just excited for their wedding in August!