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Kody & Jesse

March 8, 2017

A Farm and Lodge Engagement Session in Mayfield Kentucky

Gosh you guys. This couple!!! I hadn’t met Jesse before I arrived for their engagement session but his dear mama and I had worked together when I was a nurse at the hospital OR. She actually trained me and mentored me and I just adore that woman! So when Kody and I figured it out, it made me love the thought of working with both of their families even more! But Kody – she and I are like soul sisters! Sure, we’re YEARS a part in age but we just seem to get each other! I can’t tell you how easy it makes my job and I can only imagine how confident it makes Kody’s job in trusting me to be her photographer!

Kody & Jesse’s background story is super simple and so so sweet – my favorite kind of love story! Kody and Jesse’s sister were close friends and even though Jesse’s sister thought he and Kody would get along well, Kody just couldn’t see it. It took her a while to come around but after she did, Kody admitted, “I couldn’t stop being with him. I fell in love so quickly with everything about him – I knew I never wanted anything else.”

Now, years later Kody still feels the same way about Jesse. “Jesse is my best friend through… Sure, he can make me so mad but make me laugh at the same time. He loves me for me and what’s more is he loves every part of me. Also it’s very important he loves me even when I’m too sassy, thats a biggie! But what I love most about Jesse is how big of a heart he has and how much he has changed my life, I wouldn’t be who I am without him by my side.”

And after meeting Jesse and seeing how they interact while shooting their engagement session, it’s easy to see he feels the same. “She has a great personality. She is a sweetheart. She always goes above and beyond to make me happy. She loves me for who I am. Family is very important to her. She always pushes me to do my best and supports me in everything I do. It’s just a plus that she is very beautiful.”


We wanted to highlight their unique relationship – what makes them them. So we started off on the property they are building their first home together out in the country and ended up at Kody’s dad’s hunting lodge property, where their wedding will take place. It was getting dark but we could not have picked a better time for the light to be exactly how it was by the time we finished up. We got some super moody and romantic pictures and AH! I can’t wait to go back there this summer for their wedding when it’s all green and gorgeous! Take a look at some of my favorites below… can you imagine it??