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Madison & Andre

May 30, 2018

A Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve Day After Wedding Session in Folly Beach South Carolina

I mentioned in their wedding blog post that we did bridal party and 1/2 of our bride & groom portraits at the Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve and that we found it so beautiful, we HAD to return the next morning for their Day After Session… but what exactly IS a Day After Session?

When you book me for your Destination Wedding, included in the collection (along with a ton of other stuff!) is what I call the Day After Session. This typically occurs on, you guessed it, the day after the wedding. Sometimes it’s at sunrise, sometimes it’s at sunset – whichever time works best for the bride & groom’s day after wedding schedule. Madison & Andre had a flight to catch around noon that day so we all rose before the crack of dawn, Neil and I picked them up from their hotel, and the four of us drove to the preserve and started our day off in the best way possible.

We watched the sunrise on the beach. We (they) cuddled in their newly married selves arms and kissed softly as I captured the waves crashing on their feet and legs, and later, on their waist… because THAT’S RIGHT! They got waist deep in the ocean in their clothes for me!!! I love the trust! And then we all laughed as they tried to climb out of the water without falling down! It was too early and we were all tired from the day before, but it was so good for the soul and now they have these gorgeous sunrise beach and ocean portraits forever. Day After Sessions, y’all. Everyone should do them ❤️