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Khloe Grace, A Lone Oak First Baptist, Paducah KY Child Dedication

May 5, 2014


Yesterday, our church held it’s bi annual Child Dedication ceremony during each of the three worship services. It’s an exciting time for the families of children being dedicated, but also for the congregation and community of the church. A Baby or Child Dedication is a ceremony in which believing parents, and sometimes entire families, make a commitment before the Lord to submit a child to God’s will and to raise that child according to God’s Word and God’s ways. When  my nephew Kolton was still a baby, he was also dedicated into the church. My niece Khloe, just 4 months old, was dedicated yesterday, along with our sweet friends Lexie & Bryan’s infant Braxton. Of course, being a photographer, I won’t pass up any opportunity to document an event for our family!


After the service was group/family portrait time! Below are Lexie & Braxton and Kelly & Khloe. Khloe’s big brother Kolton has already arranged the marriage between Braxton & Khloe… how sweet!


The little family: Kolton, Clint, Khloe, & Kelly. Kelly has two younger sisters and they are known for their three-sisters-pictures: Keisha, Kelly, Khloe, & Kortney.


The grandparents! Jimmy, Terri, Kolton, Clint, Khloe, Kelly, Debbie, & Tim.


Kelly’s side of the family: Harrison, Kortney, Kolton, Clint, Khloe, Kelly, Matt, Granny, Debbie, Keisha, & Tim.


Clint’s side (aka, our side): Jimmy, Terri, Tim (yes, another one!), Amy, Kolton, Clint, Khloe, Kelly, Neil, and myself 🙂 I am now noticing how well (NOT) my skirt held up during church. Ironing doesn’t last long enough, y’all.


The star! Just look at that little tongue! She almost always has it sticking out…. too cute!


I just want to sweet her cheeks right off her face! Is that a weird thing to say? lol


Child of Light, I bless you!
I think of you,
I pray for you,
Not in terms of what I think you need or what I think you should do or be or express.
I lift up my thought about you.
I catch a new vision of you.
I see you guided and directed
By an inward spirit that leads you unerringly into the path that is right for you.
I see you strong and whole;
I see you blessed and prospered;
I see you courageous and confident;
I see you capable and successful.
I see you free from limitation or bondage of any kind.
I see you as the spiritually perfect being you truly are.
Child of Light, Khloe, I bless you!