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Must Have Baby Gear: 3-6 Months

December 9, 2015

I’m back with another Must Have Baby Gear list! This time I’m focusing on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th months and what Graeme and I could NOT have lived without during that time…

There are two thought processes when it comes to whether or not you should register or purchase something for a baby, fulling knowing that said baby won’t use it for long.

First thought process: Whatever makes baby happy, even if just for a little while, is definitely worth the cost.

Second thought process: Baby stuff can be expensive so why spend money on something they’ll only use a month and then never need or want again?

Being a first time momma, and new to everything baby, of course I maintained the first thought process – Just keep baby from crying! Now that I’m almost 9 months into this thing called mommy-hood, I know better. Now, when I’m shopping for Graeme, I consider the cost of something as well as how long he’ll be able to use it.

The list below includes a hand full of items we bought specifically for 3+ month aged babies and found invaluable. Not shown are tons of items that he used for a few weeks to a month and, in my opinion, could have been substituted for something else and are not really worth the cost. Live and learn and then share the experience!

Must Have Baby Gear: 3-6 Months

1. Fisher-Price Jumperoo – We didn’t start putting Graeme in his Jumper until he was sitting up assisted but once we did, he loved it! Only recently (around 7.5 months old, when he started crawling) did it stop being his favorite toy. We would put him in it and he would jump in it for half an hour! Definitely something I loved too because I knew he was safe in it and I could get some housework done.

2. Koala Baby Bibs – There are SO many different kinds of bibs out there and I know we didn’t try all of them but we have tried our fair share and we like these best. They are absorbent, soft, come in tons of colors and patterns, and it has that non-scratchy velcro! I don’t buy bibs with scratchy velcro anymore. You’ll learn why!

3. Lamaze Clip & Go Captain Calamari – There is no rhyme of reason why he loves it so much, it’s just the first thing we got Graeme, as far as teething toys go. But yes, he loves it! We don’t leave the house without it!

4. Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier – It’s the perfect compromise between a soft carrier and a structured carrier. It’s comfortable for both mom and baby and pretty easy to get on and off. Did I mention that’s it’s comfortable?? Because it really is.

5. Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer – We didn’t have this one exactly… I think pretty much any bouncy seat will work but you need one. After baby gets over the constant need to be held by you, and before they can sit up on their own, you’re going to need to put them down in something. THIS is that something.

6. Old Navy Onesies – Old Navy/Gap baby clothes are the softest. Hands down. You will not find softer onesies. Plus, Graeme is a long baby and they fit him so well. We also like Carters.

7. BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Crib Liner – Since crib bumpers are a no-no (SIDS risk) we needed something to keep Graeme from getting his hands and arms stuck in between the vertical bars and interrupting his naps. Works perfectly.

PS, we still use quite a few items from my 0-3 months list!

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