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The Birth Of Blair

October 14, 2019

A Natural Vaginal Birth at Baptist Health Paducah Kentucky

We all assumed Keisha wouldn’t make it full term with Baby Blair. After all, her firstborn, Blake came 3 weeks early. So we were all on pretty high alert starting around the beginning of October. I had a few weddings between then and Keisha’ due date, one being in St. Louis so I was really hoping Blair would come early but I’m also in the camp of letting baby bake as long as they need to.

Thankfully, labor started for Keisha the Friday night before one of my weddings while she was at dinner with family at Cracker Barrel. Around 9pm Keisha text to say they were heading to the hospital so I double checked my bags, laid my clothes out, and settled down to bed to grab whatever sleep I could. Around 11pm I got called into the hospital, where after an unsuccessful epidural but thankfully a short labor and delivery, Baby Blair was born in the early hours of Oct 12th!