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Our Maternity Portraits

December 30, 2017

Our Maternity Portraits Inside Our Home During Renovations

It was mid December and therefore cold so having them taken outside and include a good natured Graeme (then just shy of 3 yers old) wasn’t really an option. Even more so, it was so important to us that these portraits be taken inside our home even though it wasn’t done (still isn’t!) nor were we moved in yet!

This renovated house wasn’t important just because it was to be our home – where we’d bring Georgia home but it embodies every single spare minute of our lives while we were deciding whether or not we wanted to go through in-vitro fertilization again, while I was getting treatment, and while I carried Georgia. Literally. Every. Spare. Minute.

Our infertility journey – diagnosis through IVF treatment and to the other side, now with two children of our own – has been a long one, much like the on-going process of renovating our 100+ year old house and turning into a home. I’ll forever cherish these images and I enjoy reflecting upon them and seeing how our family and our house has changed since. Thanks again to Carrie Cunningham for capturing this special time in our life and in our home!