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Our Journey Through IVF, Part 2

November 10, 2014

During the first month or so I kept an IVF journal. The best way to explain what my month of July was like, I thought I’d write straight from my journal.

IVF treatment, Week 1:


July 6th: I have been taking PNV (pre natal vitamins) and two other supplements for over a month now. Tonight, I started my injections. For right now, I only give myself one shot in the skin below of my stomach, below my belly button each night. The needle stick doesn’t bother me but medication stings going in. I hope I get use to it. Neil and I have bother added an antibiotic pill to our pill count… we take one at breakfast and one with our dinner. I had my last soda last night at a wedding and from here on out, will only be drinking water, milk, and tea.


July 7th: Today is my and Neil’s 7th wedding anniversary. This morning, I rode bikes with mom – 15 miles. I know eventually, I’ll have to stop bicycling and I’ll miss it. Walking will have to take its place. I ate an early lunch so later in the afternoon I had to eat lunch again. Nothing tasted good to me. Neil and I had our anniversary dinner at Patti’s – I’m so glad I had an appetite for at least that wonderful place. Everything was delicious – as usual. Tonight was my second injection in my stomach. The medication still stings. I’ll work at the hospital tomorrow and plan to eat a Subway deli sandwich for lunch. I’m not big on deli meat but it’s something I can’t eat while pregnant so I’m going to enjoy it.

July 8th: I had, what apparently was old, applesauce for breakfast this morning at work and it didn’t sit well with me. I was nauseous more most of the morning. Since moving back to Paducah, Neil and I have eaten dinner at my parents house fairly regularly – about twice a week – because mom likes to cook, it’s easier to cook for four people, and by the time I get off work I’m starving! It works well now but I know it’ll be even better during this IVF process and (hopefully) the pregnancy because my mom always cooks incredibly well balanced meals (she’s a dietitian!). My third injection was tonight – the medication didn’t sting as much so I’m no longer dreading it! Tomorrow is my first IVF appointment since I started the injections!

July 9th: At my appointment in Nashville today, the drew blood and did an ultrasound to check the egg maturity in my ovaries.They called later to tell me that my hormones levels were “perfect” and right on target so there was no change in my dosage. That was music to my ears! That means my body is responding correctly to the treatments! Tonight’s injection only stung right at the end. I think the key is to inject the medication in slowly. One of the side affects of the medication far so is most definitely difficulty sleeping. I hope it’s just an adjustment because I don’t function well without a good nights sleep!

July 10th: I worked at the hospital today for the last time before our procedures. It felt like the day would never end and I am just now realizing why – I had to complete this one last day before tomorrow’s appointment. I’m sure every day from here on our will feel like an eternity! Every day until the egg retrieval, until the embryo transfer, until the pregnancy test… I feel these human emotions but I also feel the peace that God is giving me – the patience that I’ve prayed for. I’ve been alternating sides of my stomach that I inject – tonight’s was on the right side and only stung a little. So far, yesterday’s was the worst.


July 11th: Today’s appointment went well! My endometrial lining went from 6.something last Wednesday to a 7.something this past Wednesday, to a 10.4 today! They only need between 8 and 12 during the embryo transfer which is over a week away! My follicle (egg) count was better too. No change in medication! Today, I added a new injection at noon, still in my stomach. The needle is slightly large but the medication doesn’t sting going in.

July 12th: I had a wedding today…I excused myself to my car to give myself the noon injection and, because it’s a large needle, ended up bleeding through my top a little. I’m sure that looked interesting. I’ve been very uncomfortable these past few days and was thrilled when I never got to feeling bad today. Once thing is for sure – I’m hungry ALL THE TIME and am probably going to start gaining weight. Thanks to one of my nightly pills, a steroid.