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Our Story: The Wedding Day

June 30, 2014

As a wedding photographer, I would love to be able to write a whole long blog post about my and Neil’s wedding seven years ago, complete with dozens and dozens of images from our day. However, the style of photography that was used during our wedding was more posed and not editorial. The trend/style of today that focuses on the relationship between the bride and groom and all the amazing details that the wedding consisted of (my style) was not the style seven years ago when Neil and I got married. Therefore, I’ll be sharing more of the day’s story and not so many images.

It was the best day of my life! The night before, my best friend (also my maid of honor) Megan stayed the night with me at my parents/ house while Neil and his best friend Bryan (who is now married to Megan) stayed at Neil’s parents’ house. Bright and early, Megan, my mom, and myself met my other bridesmaids and mother-in-law-to-be at the hair salon. I have no idea what time the boys started their day but they started the day off playing a short round of golf at a local golf club, followed by lunch (I imagine) and basketball at Nei’s parents’ house before showering and heading to the church.

After hair, we stopped by the reception venue to check on things and then left for a luncheon at my mom’s friends house. We made it to the church in time to check on the ceremony decor and do our makeup before it was time to get dressed and do portraits. In my neck of the woods, there wasn’t such a thing as a “first look” seven years ago so we did the whole bride and her bridesmaids, bride and her family, groom and his groomsmen, and groom and his family routine right before guests started showing up for the ceremony.

My girls and I got ready in my church’s nursery. Which is hilarious to think about now because I advise my brides to NOT get ready in the church nursery. For obvious reasons you can see below… lol The boys did the more common thing and got ready in an adult sunday school classroom.


See Neil icing his finger in the image above? While playing basketball, he somehow managed to jam the only important finger on the wedding day: the ring finger on his left hand. HOW?!? I will never know. Luck, I guess :/ The swelling didn’t go down in time for the ceremony so I wasn’t able to actually put the ring on his finger but he was able to squeeze it on himself without causing TOO much pain.

I absolutely love this image of me and my parents and even though some might think it’s cheesy, I have most brides parents do this during portraits. It’s just too dang cute!


Finally, it was time to tie the knot! We had a string quartet and a soloist accompanied by the string quartet, pianist, and drummer (aka my brother) as music during the ceremony. A mutual friend of mine and Neil’s has a beautiful voice so he sang for us, a high school best friend read Corinthians (duh), and one of my favorite past pastors said a prayer.

We’re married!!!


I don’t know from where but we had an old car and driver from the ceremony to the reception. Which was the best!


The image below is one of my favorites from the whole day! All of Neil’s cousins who traveled HOURS for our wedding. Love them! Whoever took this picture, THANK YOU!


The best picture of us from our wedding day. Totally us. He makes me laugh – always has, always will.


Ceremony Venue | Lone Oak United Methodist Church
Reception Venue | Rolling Hills Country Club, Club House
Stationary | Lake Printers
Wedding Dress | Private Label by G, Anne’s Bridals
Suits | Anne’s Bridals
Floral & Decor | The Green Door
Wedding Coordinator | Cindy Hart
Caterer | Little Edibles
Photography | Bill Palmer
Cakes | Marsha Herzog