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The Birth of Jay

June 22, 2018

A Pain Med Free Vaginal Birth | Mercy Health, Paducah, KY

After photographing Amy & Tim’s daughter Josie’s birth in 2017, it was expected from everyone, including myself, that I would photograph the birth of their son!

Right now, Georgia us a few days shy of 5 months old and in the middle of her bottle refusal. Meaning, she only nurses and down right refuses any and all bottles. One month before she’d made it clear that she’d rather go 12+ hours without eating (I was shooting a wedding out of town) than drink breastmilk from a bottle so when I was shooting, whoever was keeping her had to bring her to me on births and wedding days. Josie’s birth was not a short one so you can imagine how thankful everyone was (including my mom, who was keeping Georgia) when Jay decided to take less lengthy trip earth-side – my mom only had to bring Georgia to me once during Amy’s laboring!

So much was different for Amy this time around… During Josie’s birth a little over a year ago, Amy suffered significant tears and later life threatening blood loss. It was a very scary 48 hours! So when Jay only caused the tiniest of tears and zero blood loss AND Amy felt well enough to hold and nurse her baby boy within the first 30 minutes of his birth, she felt like a new woman – and you could see it written all over her face! Her and Jay’s labor and delivery was how all births should go and I’m so happy that Amy was able to experience it!

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