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Samantha & Keaton

June 13, 2017

A FBC of Paducah and Walker Hall Wedding | Paducah, Kentucky

I had been looking forward to Samantha & Keaton’s June wedding every since Samantha contacted me over a year prior! And now it’s been almost a year since their fall 2016 engagement session – which made waiting until June 2017 to work with them again really difficult!

So many things about their day had me excited: 1) They were waiting until the ceremony to see each other. I am completely indifferent about seeing each other before the ceremony or during. I give people the pros and cons of each when asked but am totally fine when people choose to wait. Especially when they had the kind of reaction that Keaton had when he saw Samantha walking down the aisle toward him! 2) Special nodes to Samantha’s father, may he rest in peace. We shot part of their engagement session on his farm but she also had a few things lined up to include him during the wedding day – like placing a rose where he would have sat and most of the reception toasts including throw backs to him. Cue the tears from everyone! 3) And finally, they allowed me THREE times and locations for bride & groom portraits!!! First at the park next to the church, second was closer to the reception hall, and third was at the new riverfront area in lowertown! The all made for some epic images but man oh man was the riverfront neat!