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Our Seven Year Anniversary

July 7, 2014

Today marks the first day of our eighth year of marriage. Yesterday was the last day of our seventh year of marriage. It’s weird how we count birthdays and anniversaries, isn’t it?

Paducah-Kentucky-wedding-photographer-rachael-houser_0001 copy

Nevertheless. We’ve have officially been married for seven years now. I remember when I would scoff at Neil’s remark after I would answer someone’s question about how long we’d been married… I would reply to said person’s question with the number and Neil would chime in “It’s only been ___ years?!” Being the joker that he is, I know he’s just kidding but I would scoff. Every single time. You know how they say a joke is 50% truth? I took it negatively but I know he never meant it as such. You know men.

But the longer we’ve been married, the more truth I am finding in his joke in a positive way! When I look back on all we’ve been through, all we’ve experienced and done, and how we grown and matured I certainly does feel like we’ve been married so much longer than just seven years.

Since we’ve been married: we’ve both graduated college, both have degrees (even though I’m only partially using mine while he’s not using his at all), both have awesome steady paying jobs, have the cutest two pups ever, bought a house, live in the town we’ve always wanted to live in, have great friends, have found a wonderful church home which we both love, and still maintain that we’re each others’ best friends.

But there’s still so much we want to do before we consider ourselves an “old married couple”! Being the big planner that I am, I’m declaring this blog post as our DREAM BIG list for our next seven years of marriage: have children (working on that), adopt a child, pay off our debt (working on that too), build our dream house, travel a lot, and continue to be best friends. That last one will always be on our list.