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Jamie & Casey

November 16, 2018

A Snowy November Engagement Session | Paducah, KY

A dear friend of mine is who I have to thank for sending Jamie & Casey my way. Word of mouth is such a powerful marketing tool – in fact it’s literally the only one I use! Before them booking me for their wedding and then meeting them for their engagement session, I didn’t know Jamie or Casey. Or so I thought!

It was important to Jamie for their engagement session to take place in the fall, in some place outdoorsy, yet them didn’t want anything too country. Not hard to come by, location wise, for me… My parents reside on just that type of property and I photograph sessions there literally once a week at least. Upon arriving, Casey takes a look around and claims, he’s been here (there) before. It took us only a few moments to figure it out – he’s delivered a Christmas tree to my parents’ last year and they were also on the schedule for this year! A second later is when he remembered seeing me there last year when he’d delivered said tree – except I was VERY pregnant! Haha! Yes, I confirmed that that was me – Georgia was born 6 weeks later!

A second thing quite odd about their engagement session was the fact that THERE WAS SNOW ON THE GROUND and it was in the high 30s! You remember a few days a go? YEAH! Neither of us loved that it was as cold as it was but it was important that their session take place and not be rescheduled (they needed to order and end out Save the Dates!) so we marched on. While we were… uncomfortable, they were such rockstars and didn’t let the cold bother them! I couldn’t have love this couple any more for that!