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Tessa & Ben

July 10, 2018

A St. Thomas More and 1857 Hotel Wedding in Paducah Kentucky

When I initially replied to Tessa’s email, inquiring about shooting her and Ben’s July 7th, 2018 wedding, I mentioned that Neil and I would LOVE to share our anniversary with them! Not many people willing work on their wedding anniversary but it really is and was the truth – Neil and I love sharing in these big moments with our amazing couples and what better way to celebrate OUR love for one another than to do it in the company of people we cherish who are also starting out on this awesome journey of life and love??? To us, 11 years of marriage never felt more rewarding!

And honestly, our day with Tessa & Ben and their friends and family was likely more fun than we would have had otherwise! We started our day photographing bridal details and hanging out time with the whole bridal party at Tribeca’s guest house, the ladies were downstairs and the men were upstairs, with them sharing the kitchen area. We had to be super careful that Tessa & Ben didn’t see each other and thankfully we were successful! We did travel a little more back and forth than usual but in the grand scheme of the day, it made the most sense. Secondly we went to St. Thomas More for everyone to get dressed, for their first look and some bride & groom portraits in the courtyard, family portraits, and to start bridal party portraits in the church. We headed back downtown for part 2 of bridal party portraits and part 2 of bride & groom portraits. Then it was a break for lunch! Haha! The bridal party headed to Kirchoffs together (they undressed and everything!) and Neil and I got to have a short lunch date for our anniversary! How cool! But also, it felt super weird to break in the middle of a wedding day – we’d never done it before!

We arrived about an hour and a half later to the church for the ceremony and THEN headed back downtown to 1857 Hotel for part 3 of bride & groom portraits and finally, the reception. We may have done a ton of driving but the spread out wedding day allowed for so many bride & groom portraits, which you KNOW I love!