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Stefanie & Larry

June 15, 2011

Before was just a sneak peek, but are you ready for the full blown wedding? Of course not, that would be hundreds of images, but I can definitely show you why I was so thrilled to photograph this wedding for my now good friends Stefanie and Larry. This wedding happened to be very sentimental for me as well; the ceremony took place in the church I grew up in. The church my family had been attending since it’s establishment over 100 years ago. It really couldn’t have been a better first wedding for me. Their day ran so smoothly, everyone cooperated so well. More importantly, Stefanie and Larry are so perfect together that they deserve nothing but the best. I know they are forever happy in each others’ love.

We were unable to shoot their private portraits between the ceremony and reception due to rain so look forward to more bridal pictures of Stefanie and Larry later.