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Mindy & Kyle

August 27, 2019

An Intimate Summer 1857 Hotel Wedding in Paducah Kentucky</p

It’s been a while since I’ve photographed what we in the wedding industry call an Intimate Wedding – a wedding that may not be as long as the typical wedding, may not include a wedding party, may not have “events” occurring during the reception, so on and so forth. For Mindy & Kyle, this was each their second marriage and therefore, second weddings, and while they’d both agree that this marriage is no less important (nay, shall we say even more important?) than their firsts, they didn’t want the same pomp and circumstance as one might have for a first wedding. Understandable! And I’m so glad that they still chose to have a ceremony and reception AND still chose to have it photographed! I don’t think they’ll regret it!

Both Mindy & Kyle and their collective four children all got ready at The 1857 Hotel in Downtown Paducah this past Saturday, right next door to each other! There was a lot of knocking and the person inside the hotel room responding “Who is it????” and cautiously opening the door the tiniest bit to make sure the other wasn’t out in the hallway to see them. It worked out well for me though because I shoot alone during intimate weddings and therefore, was going back and forth between Mindy & Kyle to document them getting ready – Mindy with her mom and her soon to be stepdaughter Cammi, and Kyle with his brother and son and two soon to be stepsons – with the kiddos going back and forth between the two rooms as well! It was a fun, laid back getting ready time!

Downstairs, friends and family were gathering in the event space, mixing and mingling while we all waited for it to be time. Since Mindy & Kyle chose not to see each other before the ceremony, she camped out in the front hallway, ducked behind a wall so that notably could her guests not see her waiting, but so that Kyle wouldn’t jump the gun while hosting his guests. And then, it was time! Kyle and his brother, who surprised his family by officiating, headed to the alter area and Kyle’s son and daughter came walking down the aisle to stand with their dad. Mindy’s two sons waited at the back of the aisle to escort her and the fur happiness that shown on all three of their faces as they joined together and walked toward their new family was contagious!

Those same smiles were seen on everyone’s face throughout the rest of the evening – Mindy & Kyle and their children had been a family for a long time but finally, it was legal in the eyes of God and in the eyes of the State!

Ceremony + Reception | The 1857 Hotel

Dress Store | David’s Bridal

Planner | Events by Rocia

Hair Stylist | Courtney Griggs at Revolution H

Catering | The Catering Company of Paducah

Groom’s Attire | Davis Clothing

Rentals | Events by Rocia