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Rayburn Family

August 2, 2019

A Sunflower Field Family Maternity Session in Paducah Kentucky

Rachel is one of the lucky winners of this past spring’s The Great Portrait Giveaway, where I selected three amazing ladies to win four separate portrait sessions, broken up by seasons. This mama of two girls is expecting girl #3 and chose her summer portrait session for her family maternity portraits. Because of when we scheduled it for and the outfits that Rachel told me she had bought for her and the girls, I just knew I had to take them to my new favorite summer location – the sunflower field! You’ve seen it here on the blog a time or two 🥰

I would be lying it I said this isn’t currently one of my top favorite family or maternity sessions I’ve photographed to day. This location and background is perfect (although I left covered with chigger bites 😭), the light is amazing at specific times of day (and I know when that time is!), the colors come out true, and kids love to play with the flowers. But mostly, I love these images so so much because of the dynamic of this sweet family. Rachel’s girls are so full of life and honestly love each other and don’t mind at all to love on each other and their parents. I mean, just take a look at that sisterly love! It was so genuine!! You can’t fake that! Rachel and Jacob are gorgeous together and fit so well in poses (<- not everyone can do this believe it or not!). And Rachel, my goodness, she’s such a stunning pregnant woman! Capturing her happily loving on her family one minute and caressing her baby bump tenderly the next made this session a breeze in all the best ways.