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Thanksgiving 2013 Recap

December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now everyone’s gearing up for Christmas, I definitely am too. But before I put my Christmas decorations up (we’re doing that today!!), here’s a little recap of my Thanksgiving this year!

I chose to focus on my family instead of focusing my camera last Thursday. Like that little photography pun there? Haha! I didn’t even bring my camera to my mom’s house that day! Crazy-sauce! So the images below are the few that I shot with my iPhone, just of table details because my mom worked hard on everything, right before family started arriving. I didn’t pick my phone back up until after everyone had left and after I helped my mom put the house back together in preparation for Christmas decorating. The day was filled with great food and even better company. I really do love spending time with BOTH sides of my family and it was a treat to be able to do that. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I pray that this Holiday season treats you well 🙂

I baked from 9pm to midnight the night before: Mashed potatoes, corn casserole, pecan pie, and french chess pie (or french coconut pie).


I used Pioneer Woman’s Pecan Pie recipe and my grandmother’s French Chess Pie recipe. They were soooo delicious, if I do say so myself 😉


My mom is such a nerd, but in the best way! She made us all name place cards because she knows that everyone spends about 15 minutes right before eating figuring out where they’re going to sit. In total, I think they’re were 22 of us this year so smart move momma! Below is the “grown up’s” table. In other words, anyone older than 40 lol


The “kids” table. There were only two actual kids this year so at this table sat me, Neil, and my cousins. There was another “kids” table that sat my brother, his family, and our cousin and his family.


After dinner everyone say around and chatted and watched the football game. Aly is kind of (really) nervous and anxious around people she’s not comfortable with so after everyone left she was pretty much wiped!


My dad and Neil went hunting, per tradition, that afternoon until sunset. When they returned, mom and I heated up some leftovers and it was time for round two with just the four of us.


And finally, after dinner Neil and I came home and got to work! Excited to show more soon!