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The Birth of Teagan

October 4, 2017

A Baptist Health Birth | Paducah, Kentucky

Kortney and I had been texting back and forth the morning and afternoon of Baby Teagan’s birth. It started off slow – a few contractions here and there, nothing regular and she felt like driving into town to do some shopping – and neither one of us though it would happen that day. After getting into town, only 20 minutes later, things had picked up in intensity so Kortney decided to hang out at her sister’s house, where she’d be closer to the hospital but also comfortable. She didn’t even make it inside her sister house – as soon as she arrived at her sisters, she knew it was time to head to the hospital. Her sister Keisha switched seats with Kortney and drove them to the hospital. Kortney phoned Harrison – it was time!

I received the text from Harrison stating that they had arrived at the hospital and were being admitted. I waited to hear how far along she was… 10 minutes after admission, she was checked – 5cm! Time to head to the hospital myself!

When I arrived, the atmosphere wasn’t of a 5-6 cm labor, it was more of 2-3 cm but I knowing that everyone works through labor differently, I started capturing the moments. The love and support from both of Kortney’s sisters and her wonderful husband Harrison was palpable! Both sisters had already given birth and are both nurse practitioners and knew exactly what Kortney would need and when. Harrison gave Kortney her space when he could tell she was focusing and stood by her side, holding her hand and wiping her brow when it was go time.

After 2 hours of laboring unmedicated at the hospital and 20 minutes of pushing, Teagan was here!