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The Ravens’ Paducah Fall Session

December 16, 2012

While working on my year in review blog post for later this month I happened upon a session I had finished all the way up to blogging, but I never blogged it. The session took place in October so I bet my client is wondering what the hey is going on. I promptly messaged her and told her that I would get right on it. So!

You may remember this family from a session I did with them back in the spring. We later found out that Jenny and I are cousins! Third or fourth, but still! When it came time for fall pictures, Jenny messaged me and we set up a date and location: My parents’ property! It’s quickly becoming a very popular location for portraits for my clients, and I can definitely see why! I absolutely LOVE this family (even if they weren’t apart of MY family, I would still love them) and I greatly enjoy photographing them. I can’t wait for our next session!