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Things I’m Loving in September

September 13, 2013


1. Gilmore girls. I’ve always loved Gilmore girls. I’m always loving Gilmore girls. But this month I started watching Gilmore girls, start to finish, again for the billionth time. OK, more like 13th time to be exact. Yes, I really do watch it about every 6 months or so 🙂

2. Pizza. I eat it way more than I should. I’ll just leave it at that 😉

3. Sudoku. My mom and I started doing Sudoku games years ago and when I got an iPhone I downloaded an awesome Sudoku app and played it constantly. Less than a month ago I re-downloaded the app after not playing it forever and now I do at least one a night right before I turn the light out to go to sleep.

4. Orange Popsicles. First off, they’re only like 30 calories. Secondly, I freakin love orange flavored anything. Thirdly, they’re cheap! I eat like 3 a day, no joke.

5. Sleep Pillow iPhone app. It is a well known fact that it takes about 30+ minutes for me to fall asleep. Normally, I just toss and turn. There was this iPhone app I used years ago and it worked beautifully and then, for whatever reason, I stopped using it and deleted it and went back to tossing and turning. No more! Thanks to Sleep Pillow and the “fireplace”, I get to sleep in like 5 ish minutes!