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Week 28

January 12, 2015

You GUYS! How awesome is it that I’m now in my third trimester? WAY awesome!

I’ve been dreaming, praying, and sort of impatiently waiting for this day… the day I can say that I only have 10-12 more weeks and then my little guy will be here in my arms! I feels more surreal than anything, really. With so much going on in the next couple of months, I’m hoping that this third trimester will treat me well so I can get everything accomplished and possibly work a little ahead of schedule to help prepare me and my business for mid-March through end of April. He’ll be here before I know it!

This survey, and surveys like it, have been circulating blogs around the world for years. I picked one that I felt like fit me and this pregnancy best and have been holding off doing them for when I entered my 28th week. So excited to share these answers for the next however many weeks before he gets here! Enjoy!

How Far Along: 28 weeks, 1 day

Weight Gain/Loss: As of this morning (I weigh myself most mornings…) 40 pounds. Oy.

Sleep: If it weren’t for the heavy duty breathe right strips I wouldn’t be able to say this: Pretty well most nights! I have the pregnancy “sniffles” like you wouldn’t believe. It’s more like a never ending head cold from hell. During the day I can only breathe out of one nostril at a time (and they switch back and forth) but the longer than day goes on and into the night, neither nostril is open. The heavy duty breathe rights are a life saver because I am one of those unfortunate people who can’t sleep and breath through their mouths. Yea. But with the strips, for most the night I have at least one nostril open. Other than that, I get up about two times a night to pee. Also, little guy is getting a little heavy (or my uterus is anyway…) so I have to sleep on my side with a small pillow supporting my stomach.

Best Moment This Week: He’s big enough to be seen from the outside when he moves! Not every movement is a big one, and Neil’s felt him move several times now, but it’s cool that now Neil can SEE him move!

Movement: Speaking of! He usually has three to four really active periods throughout the day. One in particular is right when I’m heading to bed. I think he does it on purpose, the little turkey 😉

What I Miss: Walking instead of waddling. Especially later in the day when my body’s a little sore from carrying the extra weight. Which leads me to: Being comfortable. Again, because of the weight, my back hurts more and more every day. Of course, it depends on my activity level but it’s hard to find a comfortable sitting or laying position. I’m thinking weekly massages are in my very near future!

Stretch Marks: None yet! I’ve been decently disciplined with lathering my stomach, upper thighs, hips, and lower back with lotion after showering. Plus, my mom didn’t get stretch marks until her fourth child so I’m hoping genetics will do its job 😉

Belly Button: Thank God for my deep belly button! It’s stretched and is definitely a more shallow now but I still have a noticeable indention!

Wedding Rings: I actually haven’t been able to wear my wedding bands since around week 20, thanks to all the extreme swelling I’ve had. So instead, I’m wearing my right hand sapphire and diamond anniversary ring on my left hand ring finger instead. It fits perfectly.

Mood: This might be a question for Neil but I haven’t noticed any moods swings during this pregnancy. I’ll let you know if that changes but so far, so good!

Labor Signs: No real labor signs. My uterus started practicing with Braxton Hick contractions around week 26… nothing too uncomfortable but they’re noticeable for sure.

Milestones: We’ve already experience most pregnancy milestones – everything came out normal and great!

Upcoming Appointments/Events: I’ll have my second 4D ultrasound at 30 weeks, which is also when they’ll start the growth and development ultrasounds and appointments every two weeks until his birth! I’m excited to see him on a more regular basis!

What I look forward to: Finishing his nursery, which SHOULD happen within the next week or two! I’ll blog with pictures when it’s complete. The carpet will go down the end of this week and then it’s just moving the furniture in and decorating the walls!

Weekly Wisdom: I’m not worrying about my weight gain anymore. Everyone is different and each pregnancy is different! I gained a lot of weight (at least, more than I think I should have) earlier on in the pregnancy because I was on high doses of hormone supplements during the entire first trimester. Also, due to my Meniere’s disease and the fact that I haven’t been allowed to take my diuretic during the pregnancy, I’m retaining a lot more fluid than the average person would. Thus, the swelling in all extremities, big and small, and my face. JOY. BUT, I’m over it! I’m just ready to enjoy this miracle that’s growing inside of me and I’m thankful that he’s healthy!